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It's been a crazy day. Yes, a crazy day. A lot happened! Except for work. I'm good like that. I did sleep in a bit. Which was so nice. I slept HARD. With crazy dreams. I think they may have been ninja-induced. But it was okay. I woke up, and found that I had some wrestling to watch! I managed to find some on the web. Ooh, it was lovely. So I watched some of that, then it was time for kung fu.

But as I was leaving, I remembered my car had been pulling to the right the day before, so I thought I'd better check the tire. Lo and behold, it was FLAT. Doh! Sucky POOH. So I had to find someone to give me a ride. Thankfully, I found someone who was willing and able rather quickly, so I made it to kung fu! I didn't think anyone would be there, because Fridays are lighter nights. We just practice, no official class. And most of the heavyweights (more advanced students) were away at a tournament, which I couldn't do because I knew I'd be busy working on school projects. Which I will be. Eventually. So anyway - there I was, a few minutes late, and Nick, one of the more senior students was there. He's usually there, because he's been working on a mural on the wall. But I turn the corner to put my stuff down, and someone else is there! Someone rather special. It's a guy named Shannon, who is the previous senior student. He was senior when he left, to go to Norman and work on many more degrees. He should have a doctorate by the end of this semester. Anyway, when he left, he was pretty much top notch man at the school. And he's now got approximately ten years of kung fu under his belt, which is more than even Justin (the current senior student). He comes to visit on occasion, and this was one of those occasions. So we both worked out a bit, practiced some forms, and then I talked to him about sparring. Apparently, he was told by Sifu and Justin that he was to leave some bruises on me before he left. I didn't have my pads, but that wasn't going to stop me.

So I managed to find some spare gloves, and he had his, so we used just gloves, but went ahead and got into some full sparring. Also, there were two witnesses there - one, the friend who gave me the ride, and another friend (name of Josh, who I'm currently working with to impart some basic sparring knowledge) who happened to live close by. So you can ask him about it. But it was a sight to see! We started moderately light, and then got progressively more ferocious. You see, Shannon was probably one of the most aggressive sparrers in the kwoon (kwoon = dojo but cooler). He, and another guy named Mike (who I've sparred in the past). The two of them sparred hard enough together that sometimes people would walk into the academy, see them going at it, and then turn around and leave. It was freakin' scary to see them wail on each other.

So yeah, I'm sparring Shannon this time. I have before, but I've gotten more aggressive myself since the last time (ahem, unless taking people out of commission on a regular basis isn't considered aggressive). And the fight was on! We traded punches, although I'll admit he landed quite a few more than I landed on him. I was grateful he was experienced - only an experienced person can manage to still be wearing sneakers and only tap you on the side of your jaw, instead of dislocating it. He did lay into me nicely with his punches, though. So he popped me in the nose a few times (miraculously, no blood came forth), rather HARD, and a few in the side of the head, in addition to several nice kicks to my stomach and chest. And coming close to nailing the solar plexus (with a sun punch, ironically). But I did smack him pretty hard in the side of the head, and bloodied his lip, and racked him slightly (he was doing a double kick, I snuck a snap in between them). And leaving a nice swelling on his arm from my infamous shin. Plus getting some nice kicks in. It was something to see! You should have been there. But since you couldn't - I'll give you pictures. Woo!

Okay, here you go. The first is one from a pretty solid kick he landed.

And my left arm. This came from blocks, intercepting a few different attacks.

And my right arm. Same type of thing.

And you can guess what this is. He popped it nicely - I think his knuckles came out a bit from the glove, because I definitely felt them.

So there's some picture proof for you. For all of you who think I just like making up crazy kung fu stories. I like kung fu. Ahhh.

And THEN! Finished off my wrestling extravaganza, plus some ice cream and Pepsi (not at the same time), and all was good. And now it's time to sleep. So I hope you enjoyed all my fun kung fu storytime goodness. And here's your random link! I will give you a warning, it's got some crazy stuff in there. But since I'm still in college, as are the people who submit to this, I think it's valid random link material.
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