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I am updating my blog yet again
What a day. Busy day. Woke up to get dressed and immediately take off to go to Hooters. Yes, Hooters. No, I don't go regularly. It was my first time, actually. Yes, really. My first time. Interesting place. I went to meet some guys about making a game. But I was late. So I arrived to find a note that said, "You're late no food 4 u". On a napkin. And the waitress had to give me lots of trouble about it. But I managed to snarf down a grilled cheese sandwich before leaving.

And from there I had to go to help Sifu with a women's self-defense class. At TCC West. But I had no idea where TCC West was. So I called a friend, who told me roughly how to get there. And I started on my way. And then I couldn't find the exit. So I called again, and she looked it up, and found the street name was a little different. It was 51. Which I figured was the BA, which is ALSO 51. But NOOO. It wasn't the BA. I checked. For an hour. It wasn't there. I finally called the guy who was supposed to help out at the class with Sifu also, but he wasn't there. Because his car had crazy problems. And HE had no idea how to get there, either. So he gave me the phone number there, and I called them. They told me 244 W, keep going until 51st Street. I tried that, but it didn't work so well. So I finally said screw it, and just found 41st (which I knew it was on) and just headed west. I finally found out, only being an hour late. But I still managed to get in on some action by having Sifu and another guy helping (who bounces) use me for demonstration. You know, the kind of demonstration where all the women cringe and go "Ooh!" and "Ow!" and "Oh!" as they wince. And I wince, too. A little.

Anyway, that was probably as painful for you to read about as it was for me to experience. Just a long crazy drive all over the place. I did get to see new parts of west Tulsa, which was interesting. Although I'm perfectly content to stay over here. A bit more east.

So that's how the day began, and then it was time for class, which was uneventful. And I was supposed to help my friend with another sparring session, but that didn't work out because he never called. Maybe it's okay, because my armpit has a weird pain, but I'm thinking it's from being a test dummy at the self-defense class. But then my friend Sean from out of town visited! He's cool. He came over, we chilled a bit. And THEN it was time for ninjas. Much slashing was done. And then Sean tried it out, to see the beauty of the slashing and the beheading, and he did pretty well. But then the man with nunchaku kicked his booty. All in all, it was fairly entertaining.

And my blog today is quite meandering. Wandering in no real focused direction. And I keep putting "And" in front of my sentences. And I'm sure that's annoying. But I can't help it. And I'm sad that it's Lent.

ANYWAY. After all that, we went to view the TU spectacle known as the Hotty Body competition. The end of it. Enough time to see three guys in a dance off... it was like some sort of twisted fairy tale. There were three guys: the big one, with many muscles, the middle one, who wasn't too bulky but also had many muscles, and the wee little one, who was a good foot or more shorter than the other two guys, probably about eighty pounds less, and might have had muscles, but nobody knew, since he kept his clothes mostly on. Except for his pants. Yes, much pants removal was done. And the other two guys removed shirts, and gyrations were occuring. Now, usually, I don't get into this sort of thing unless the shirt removal with the gyrations are occuring with a female. But it became much more entertaining when Big and Little started bumping chests. Little really didn't move Big a whole lot, but Big moved Little quite a bit. Until he almost lost it off the stage. Then the next logical thing to do, naturally, was for Little to leap upon Big like some kind of monkey jumping a man. It was pretty funny. Big and Little ended up tying for second place, and Middle hung his head in shame.

Then Sean and I did some jamming with guitar and piano, although it was pretty mellow jamming, since it was mostly church music. He used to be the choir director. Didn't sound too bad, though. Fun stuff.

SO... big day, yes. Reminds me of my old days. When I had to schedule time to go to the bathroom. You think I'm kidding, but I really was that busy, and I'm not kidding about the bathroom thing. It came down to a decision, sometimes. Bathroom time? Or a very quick dinner? I had to choose wisely. I like the change to my current schedule okay.

And I think that's enough of my blathering on about this and that and the other and Big and Little and monkeys. And kung fu. But hey! I didn't talk about guitars! Although I did talk about ninjas. And now I must random link. I was amused by this person's particular sense of foolishness.
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