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Injuries aplenty
Yet another night of sparring in kung fu. And yet another set of people I've put out of commission. It really isn't good. Although in some twisted way I feel more manly for it. Yeah. It began with just sparring a little bit lightly, warming up with Justin (senior student), and after that, moving to the guy I gave the bloody nose to a few weeks ago. He was anxious to spar me again (he didn't last week, forgot his gear). So he came at me pretty hard. His kicks were rather fierce. And I ended up checking his leg - yes, shin to shin. He made a slight face, then kept going. For about ten seconds. Then he realized how much it hurt and I asked him if he needed to take a break. With a grimace on his face, he nodded and limped off to tend to his wound. It actually left a bruise on my leg, which means it'll be much worse for him. By the end of class, his bruise had risen a good half an inch. I kid you not. And it was a good couple of inches long on his shin.

Oh, but that wasn't it. Of course not. The last match I was in was against Justin. It really seemed like the rest of the room paused to view us. We'd set up, and you could feel the tension between us. Something big was going to happen. And then we'd unleash! There was a little back and forth. Some decent impacts happening. And then... I threw a palm strike against his cheek, and it would have just glanced off his cheek, but no! Somehow my fingernail got lodged right underneath his eyebrow. Which stopped my hand right there. And physics says that a body in motion must stay in motion, so since my hand couldn't move up anymore, it moved forward. Yes, right into his eye. I basically pushed his eye out of socket. (Or would that be into socket?) That stopped the match right there, and we were both done for the night. Sifu came back and checked him, his eye was still not pointing the right way (kinda freaky), so he pushed on his temples in some proper way, and his eye popped back into place. With some pain. There was blood coming from his tear ducts. It wasn't pretty, and I felt really, really bad. But they all told me, "It happens." By the end of class, though, it was almost looking back to normal. So his eyelid wasn't half-covering his eye quite as much. I left a nice cut on the underside of his brow, and a minor cut somehow under his eye, on the white of it. It wasn't pretty, but I think it'll all be okay.

Yeah, I'm wondering if I should spar next week. Seems like I keep hurting people. Maybe it's just TOO MUCH kung fu. I'm turning into some sort of deadly machine, with powers beyond my control. Eh, yeah, right. Hopefully if I ever actually need it (to protect loved ones or perhaps even myself), I'll be able to pull out the death machine mode then.

Work was interesting. I was given twenty-four hours to finish the project before they yoinked me from the job. And it's coming down to the last few. I don't know if it'll be able to be pulled off the ground in that time, but I'm hoping. If it works out, he'll hire me on full-time, and I might possibly make some serious dinero. Hopefully it will.

And more ninjas! I got farther. It got harder. I'm fighting all sorts of strange beings now. And I got into a fight with some sort of evil woman who looks a little too sexual for her own good. That, and she had a super-cheap move that made me MAD because I didn't have any healing potion thingies. So her cheap move would take off a little more than HALF my energy. And if she did it again, I was dead. There was no way to block, you just had to use your ESP to know she was about to do it, and run the hell away. I finally said screw it, and went back to a few saves before that, where I got a bunch of health potions. And managed to get back to the same point without using all of them. So then I went back to her, I was all ready. My battle cry was fierce! "What's up? Bring it!" And I died again. But the SECOND time I fought her with all my health stuff I beat her. And it was good.

And that's really been about it for today. Tomorrow (technically, today) is going to be very busy. But I'll tell you more about that later. For now - random link! This one came from a friend. It's quite random. A piece of news. Gotta love the variety of human nature on this planet.
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