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Insomniac AGAIN
I caught up on my sleep. Which may not be good. It means I'm still kinda awake. I'll have to get up earlier just to offset it. Yes, I was asleep quite late. Which meant I got up and didn't have time for my errands, but that's okay. I DID, however, manage to talk to my employers, and I'm signed on for another forty hours. Which will cover a month of bills, so that's good. I start next week. So there's that.

I also hadn't gone to kung fu all week, AND I didn't have time to change my tire today (sleeping in does have its downsides), so I got a friend who hadn't seen the academy yet to give me a ride. It was good to get back to it. Class was fun, and sparring was good, as always. A new guy sparred tonight, and he was eager to get a taste of me, for some reason. For some reason everyone there wants a piece of me. And we had an extra fun change in sparring tonight - three on one. Yes, three people against one poor person. When you get hit, you're out, regardless of if you're the single person or one of the three. And there's no rule against ganging up on the person. It's not easy. Most people get out pretty quick, especially if they're novice to the idea. The first couple were quite new to it, and Sifu decided I was one of the three attackers. So I hung back and only rushed them if they left themselves blatantly open. For the most part, the other two people gave them enough trouble even without a third. So two people went through and found defeat at the hands of the other three. Usually all three were still in, although there were three rounds, and during a couple of rounds, the solo person managed to take one of the three out. I think in one case, they even took two.

Anyway (if you haven't noticed, I like starting my new paragraphs with the word ANYWAY), the third person is up, and it's me! So I get to take on one of the more advanced students (although she's rather slow, not one of the crazier sparrers), a medium student who's pretty tough at sparring (he's bloodied my nose before), and the new guy. First round I take out the woman, and go for a while against the other two. I really don't remember if I took out one of them or not, but they tagged me. So second round is up, and I take the woman out again, then I'm up against the guys. They're both rushing me, I'm blocking furiously, and then I tag the tougher one in the head, although he doesn't notice, SOMEHOW. Sifu does, and he's out. So it's me and the new guy. And it turns out he's pretty good. He's quick on his feet, and he moves fast. Quickly. As in quickly AWAY from me when I'm attacking. So we're going for a while, and once I lose my balance and tumble backwards. He should have had me, but he didn't, so I do a backwards roll and spring back up, then rush him, and it's over! I am victorious. Over THREE PEOPLE at ONCE. But I'm very tired, and the third round is over quickly, with the tough guy popping me nicely in the belly almost immediately. I didn't mind. I could use the rest. But I did manage to win one of the rounds, which doesn't happen often for me. Or anyone, actually. It was the only round that night that anyone beat their three opponents. Woo! Although it also may have been due to the fact that Justin (Mr. Senior Student) was put in as one of the other three for the rest of the matches. And that he wasn't put in as the single guy for the evening. He's the one person who regularly can pull off beating three people simultaneously. But not tonight! It was MY night, tonight.

So that was fun. And after class, the new guy wants MORE of me, so I humor him (even though it means I'm extra late to choir practice). I think he'll be quite good. I'll learn from him, which is good. I realized only after class that I was still too tight the whole night. I FORGOT to loosen up. It makes me slower. So maybe I could have done better. Well, you live, you learn. All that.

And then choir practice, with a new instrument added. A violin! And the violinist is quite good. She's new to the choir, so we'll see how things turn out. It was kind of crazy, though - three instruments, four vocalists. And the vocalists weren't very loud in comparison. So hopefully we can get more people to offset that for the real deal on Sunday.

And then more of Splinter Cell... so luscious. It's quite like a movie. I try to play it in a non-violent fashion. Even though you're given a silenced pistol and sometimes a LARGE fully automatic gun, I try to keep my opponents alive, although incapacitated. Or if I'm really good and can find another way, alive and just ignorant. Like trying to sneak through a city in Jerusalem at night. With police patrolling the area, and some civilians up late with open doors... you have to stay sneaky, in the shadows, and quiet. It was especially hard to get through one very open area containing one officer and two (what looked like) rabbis. They were standing and chatting, and the officer doing rounds. So my first successful attempt consisted of waiting until the officer patrolled the deadly shadows, and klunking him in the head, so he was out. Then shooting out a light that was brightly illuminating the area, which got the attention of one of the rabbis, who stood up and looked to see what had happened. So I wait until HE walks into the deadly shadows, and KLUNK he's out, too. I felt bad for smacking a rabbi unconscious, but not bad enough that I didn't do it to the second one, who didn't even realize anything was wrong until it was TOO LATE. But then I got spotted by an officer later and had to start over, so it was all for naught. Then my truly successful time through I manage to wait until everyone's back is turned and then nonchalantly walk (even through the LIGHT) out of the area. Without having to klunk anybody. I liked that one better. At any rate, it's a lot of fun. I like being sneaky.

So I did that, and then it was time for another "episode" of the UFC. I've been hooked on watching them lately. They're very violent, though, but I've been learning a bit about full contact fighting. It's good to be educated. Even if you never use some of your education. In this case, I'd be fine with that. Those are some tough hombres that go to the UFC. It's crazy.

And that's enough. I need to get SOME rest. So here's your random link. I found some other "normal" people's music available for download, and since is pretty much dead, there are some alternatives. Yes, you have to sign up for it, but that's not so bad. I'm thinking about putting up some of my music for the general public to have access to it, and see what kind of responses I get. Maybe you should, too!
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