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It's been a long day
A very long day. I was awake at 9, having gone to sleep at about 7 or so. That's not a lot of sleep. Why I'm still awake, I don't know.

But I did finish my project! And it's a thing of beauty. The capabilities it has are absolutely scary. Basically, it captures packets being sent through the network. So I can see anything flying by, snag it, and then look at it in all sorts of intelligent ways. I can see anyone in the local network browsing the web, or checking their mail, or so forth. Like I said, scary. But cool.

And it's done! I did the project, did the paper for it, and still had time to walk to class. No, I didn't change the tire yet. And I didn't go to the dentist, either. I changed the appointment date. I figured it'd be good to keep some of my sanity. Enough with lack of sleep, I didn't need to be drugged up, numb and in pain on top of it. Dentist time later this week. As well as a ton of stuff else. Senior Salute Day is Thursday and Friday! Goodness. I get to go pick up cap and gown and invitations and all that. Makes the end seem a lot closer. That's scary, too.

And NOW I'm getting tired enough where I'm starting to see things spinning. Maybe I should sleep. I have a busy day tomorrow, with my choice of free lunches and all. I think I'll take the PF Chang choice, since it's work related. Yes, work. My true love. I shall embrace it again. Hopefully pay lots of bills with it. That's important. So now, sleep time for me.

But for you, Faithful Reader, I shall give a random link. It's rather random, and I'm tired. So here you go. My favorite e-mail program. The best EVER.
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