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Maybe a little too late, maybe a little too early
Too early in the morning, that is. The weekend is over, but BREAK is beginning. Which means I get to work. Oh well, I thought I'd enjoy the weekend while I could. Slept a ton on Saturday night, after watching Leon (The Professional) again. Excellent movie. Just make sure you get the proper version, which is titled Leon, not The Professional. See, the American version has a lot of rather crucial scenes cut out. One of my favorite films, though.

That, and then church. Lighter crowd, although half of them showed up in the last three minutes, so it looked at first like it was going to be a lot lighter, and then not so much. The choir had all of five people, one of which wasn't there the whole time (he had other duties). Which meant I was the only male voice in the choir. I think I did okay, seems like people could hear me. That, and we had to stretch one of the songs a bit, but that turned out not too bad, either. Made me slightly nervous to be the only guy up there for some of the songs. Just me and two women for vocals. The other guitarist and the pianist sang a little, but they're not very audible (yet) since they're quite focused on their instrument. Silly me, focusing on more than one thing at once.

Speaking of guitar and singing, after church was over, I went out to Full Moon to see Ben Kilgore (of Hero Factor). I found out tonight we graduated high school the same year, just him from Union. Myself, I graduated in a massive class of 86 or so, from a little place called Cascia Hall. He's not too bad - he has an impressive vocal ability, which includes being able to scream a bit, and still keep a clean tone when he needs it. I do need to work on my vocal skills. Perhaps he'll be a bit of an inspiration. I went up and talked to the two guys on their break, they seem quite mellow. I went ahead and bought their album, since the money goes directly to them. Independent artist support, all that. Maybe someday I'll be in the same place.

And THEN the thing that kept me up all night long. Something quite luscious. What you're thinking of right now probably says something about you as a person. At any rate, it was NINJA time. I plowed further through Ninja Gaiden, although it was ludicrously hard. I did pass a level, after getting through a few quite difficult battles. So I feel accomplished, and I will have sweet dreams of vanquishing mighty foes. Perhaps that will map into the defeat of enemies in some of my actual upcoming struggles. Such as two projects and a thesis. Freakin' thesis.

I've fallen into the BitTorrent trap again. This time, I got an episode of American Idol. Whee! The Best of the Worst type of thing. I guess it's that type of morbid curiosity, the thing that makes people want to watch horrible accidents, that keeps me interested in things like that. Some of the moments in that episode truly are horrific. I only hope I can let them escape my memory.

And I'm sleepy. Sleep is still one of the great mysteries of human nature. What are dreams? Why do some people remember them, and some don't? Does everyone dream, even if they don't remember them? How are dreams actually related to waking life? I think there's more to it than people realize. The whole thing with people dreaming things that actually happen, either simultaneously, or before the event occurs. I myself have had such an experience. I had a dream that my girlfriend at the time bought me an office chair for Christmas. I remember in the dream that she bought it, it was in a large box, and she put it in the porch closet outside of her apartment. Turns out that exactly that happened. It was even black, from in my dream. I told her about the dream before she gave it to me, it kind of freaked her out. I still wonder if she believed I actually dreamt it or if she thought I saw her somehow. But yeah, it was all true. I'm sitting in the chair now. Dreams are funky things. I'll soon dive into that mystical world, because I'm SLEEPY.

So now that it's time for me to sleep, it's also time for a random link. I don't know how many people have HDTVs at the moment (not too many college students do - I guess you'd have to be a FOOL to buy one in college), but if you have one or get one before May, you might be interested in taking advantage of it.
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