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And yes, I fell victim to being swooned by the lure of ninjas. But no fear! For I have DEFEATED all the ninjas! And then some! Yes, that is correct, I have finished the game. It was rather difficult, but it was doable. The ended is luscious. As are the bonus items you get when you finish the game. I think I may have to play through it a second time. Although probably not until I'm done with school. Bleah.

So I didn't do a TON of work, but I did some. I also scheduled a meeting with some people next week to handle future employment, which is always good. It's nice to make money. If it works as planned, then I might actually have a decent position ready for me when I graduate. Yay! We'll see. I won't assume anything yet.

I also saw a movie this evening, which my roommate selected. Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Many famous actors in it, when they were very, very young. It's a decently entertaining movie. Although it has naughty things in it. Like sex, and drugs, and other stuff. Even though it's about high school. But it's okay - I'm old enough to watch movies like that.

All right, I need to get to sleep a little earlier. I go full bore into procrastination panic mode tomorrow, so I'll need the rest. But for you - a random link. There ARE other blogs out there, some of them actually interesting. There's one that I found especially interesting.
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