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Oh well, too much fun
Yeah, I kind of spent the whole day on BREAK. It was awesome. I slept in very late, then got up to play a little, take a shower, eat, play some more, then go to kung fu. And I didn't really hurt anybody in kung fu today! Yay! Although I did knock the wind out of one of the students, during sparring. It's getting better.

Alas, I do need to do some work. Well, no kung fu tomorrow, so I can actually spend a lot of the day doing my projects. Maybe, just maybe I can finish both of them! That'd be sweet. So sweet. We'll have to see.

And I watched Die Hard tonight! Such a good movie. The epitome of action flicks. It started everything - made in 1988. It was good because the good guy wasn't invincible. He was believable. Which made you root for him even more. And the bad guy was a very good bad guy. The tension is quite tangible. And tasty.

So, me being lazy makes for BORING BLOGS. Sorry about that. I don't have any very interesting experiences when I'm just sitting on my ass all day. And let that be a lesson to you all! But it is nice. Luscious, even. I did get to get farther in Ninja Gaiden, which is sort of productive. Crazy stuff has started happening. Yup. I can't ruin it for you, so that's all I can say. It's secret.

And my random link! Today it's definitely random. It's someone you might know! The best page EVAR.
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