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A very full day. Began by getting up (against all my better judgement) at 8:30 in the freakin' morning. And not only that, but to go to the dentist! Yes. And the drill was whirring, and I could feel enamel lightly tapping the inside of my cheek, in teensy pieces. Unnerving. Although I was completely numb. From the anaesthetic. Which is also unnerving. (Har, har.) But being numb, in its own way, was rather cool. It was enough of that special juice that a lot of my face stayed numb afterwards for around three hours, including the inner part of my right ear. Yeah - so I got a filling. That technique seems to me like it's going to eventually be one of the things people look back on (in our bright advanced future) and say, "They did THAT?" Kind of like how we now look back on the original dentists. Which pulled teeth as a side job, their primary one being the much more important CUTTING of HAIR. Yeah. And my dentist mentioned he saw a dentist chair in a museum that required the "dentist" to pedal in order to get the drill spinning. It makes my tooth hurt just imagining what that would be like. "Don't complain - I carved the drill bit myself!" Yeah. So it's not THAT bad, but I still don't like the idea of power tools being used inside my mouth, with purely destructive purposes.

Anyway, I have a new filling now. Woo! Now I'll just have to pass all my Pepsi over just that tooth when I drink it. Ah... and after that, it was time to pay bills AND deposit some money. Both of which are good things to do. I personally prefer the deposit thing. And then I went to the mall, in an EFFORT to eat, although I decided to just get it to go after trying to get through some food and not being sure if I was chewing my food or just the inside of my cheek. Yes, they're both delicious, but I prefer to be productive in my masticatory tendencies. It was okay, though, because I then went to Gamestop (previously known as Software Etc. (previously known as Babbage's)), for GOOD THINGS. Since I had deposited money, I had to spend some. Naturally. Actually, one of my reservations came in! It's SO GOOD. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. An excellent game. I've played a bit of it, and it's quite entertaining. Built with a ton of "cool factor" into it. A secret agent who's extremely covert and a badass to boot. With a lot of fun toys he can use. Some of which fire out of his VERY cool gun. It's good stuff. That, and I picked up Metal Gear: Twin Snakes, which is a remake of both Metal Gear Solids. For a reasonable price. Still one of the best movie-theme like games I've ever played (the first MGS). I think Splinter Cell had a lot of inspiration from MGS.

ANYway. Yeah, I played some of that. Then talked to my employer people, and it looks like I'll be jumping back on the bandwagon of getting PAID pretty soon again. I hope it turns out okay. It'd be good to have a full time job when I finish this semester, since there's a decent chance I won't finish my freakin' THESIS before official graduation. So I'd have to move, pay lots of NEW bills, and without a new degree yet. Eh, one degree is still okay. So close, though... so close.

And I've been missing kung fu. Because I haven't been able to go. (Double meaning there. But typing this here makes the efficiency of two meanings in a small set of words all shot to hell.) Because I STILL have a flat. I tried changing it today, and I got all the way to the part where you take the tire off by removing these lug nut things. And they wouldn't budge at all. And everyone's probably thinking, "Did you really try that hard?" And SECRETLY thinking, "I'm stronger that you, I bet I could have done it." Well, NO. You couldn't have done it. And you might actually not be stronger than me. I have secret powers. I called AAA and had them come by to change the tire, since I couldn't do it, and the guy that came couldn't do it, either. Even with his different, FANCY tire iron. He said the nuts were pretty much rock solid. So I have a flat, STILL, and I'm going to just have them tow it tomorrow morning (perhaps afternoon) to a tire place, where they have 20,000 horsepower machines that can unscrew the TRUNK off a car. And then things will be good. I do have to say thank you to a good friend who was nice enough to take me to the places I needed to go. (Thank you!)

So that's most of it. And now I'm getting sleepy, since I still haven't recovered sleep, and had to get up earlier than I sometimes go to BED. So I think with that, I shall random link you. (Isn't English cool? Where any word can be a verb? I verbed it!) This is something that someone sent me. I rather like enjoying my movies, becoming immersed, escaping reality for ninety to two hundred minutes. So this kind of ruins that illusion for some. But then again, what people like is often capable of being understood only by them.
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