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Time for ninjas!
Ninja Gaiden is far too enjoyable. I don't even spend a whole lot of time playing it, I just think about ninja action more than normal in my spare time. Ninjas! With the swords, and the shuriken, and the luscious ladies in the background. The game is exquisitely balanced, so as you progress, you're getting good enough to just make it through the next section. So you might think your badass skills with the sword are getting up to the point that nobody can handle you, and then five SPECIAL ninjas come and say hello. And then you have to start polishing your skills up a little more to get through them. It's an excellent adventure.

I didn't get time to talk about it, but the weather this weekend was SO GOOD. (Cue up Teen Girl Squad.) It was just right. The balance of sun, and wind, and clouds... ahhh. So good. I decided on Saturday to take advantage of such a nice day, so me and Jordan went out on the U and sat in front of the library, by the stairs. I took the good ol' twelve-string and some Pepsi, he had chocolate. We sat there, relaxing, me playing some tunes and singing badly, drinking some cold ones and watching the people go by. We sat out as the sun set behind the city skyline. It was a very good way to spend the day. I think I shall do it AGAIN. It's not the first time I've done it...

Although they didn't spell my NAME right the first time. Ugh. Oh well, maybe next time.

And today was a good day. I got some work done, went to class, and was a ninja for a little while. And ALSO... I bought some plane tickets! I'm going to Seattle at the end of May. Woohoo! Going with Justin (Mr. Senior Student from kung fu), and we're picking up a convertible automobile there and driving to Vancouver. For what, you're asking? There's a worldwide gathering of martial artists (of the Chinese variety, I believe) getting together there. Apparently, they're ranking all the instructors on a scale from 1 to 10 to give them some sort of certification. It'll be awesome to be there. I'll have to remember my camera. Sadly, I have a good friend visiting that same weekend, arriving the day we leave, leaving the day we get back. Coincidence can sure suck sometimes. That, and some friends of mine are getting married, that Saturday. Why couldn't everybody change their schedules to fit ME? Eh, in my dreams, things will work out just fine. At least there's some definite coolness happening, even with the bad coincidence.

Oh! And I got my Ainjel CD! It's SO GOOD. Really, she has an awesome voice, and it's easy to listen to. Some of the songs are quite repeatable. I've only really listened to it all the way through once, so I'll need some more time with it, but I think it'll do good for my musical composition inspiration.

Yes, my posting is early today, but I had lots to say. It's time for the random link. Ever had the need to insult somebody? For no good reason? But didn't have the insult? Well, let me help you.
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