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Time to post AGAIN
Hey there. You know, my blog gets visited on a moderately decent frequency. In fact, let me show you.

Isn't it nice? Some days more than others, but thanks for the attention. It's good to get attention. Sometimes. Oh, and that's unique IP addresses hitting the blog. Except for that thirty-something, I think it broke that day. So somebody checking the page twice in a day doesn't increase it crazy-like.

Speaking of images... here! I like this one!

Isn't it spiffy? Yes, so nice.

And today was just sleep. And work. And choir practice. And watching School of Rock. Excellent movie. I still love it. I think I'm definitely a rock and roll type of guy. The only thing missing is my BAND MEMBERS. When I find them, then I'll be a superstar. Working on writing our songs for now.

Speaking of which, I don't have any new songs now. Although I do have something else. And I've mortified to put this up, but I'm going to go ahead. It's a song I did for a friend. A cover of a particular Radiohead song. Although I needed to get it to my friend in time for a birthday, so I had to record it immediately. Meaning I was SICK when I recorded it. As in coughing and sneezing and blowing of the nose. And my voice was pretty shot, and you could hear the stuffiness in my "n"s. But I went ahead! Moved on! And recorded this. Listen, only if you're brave. The falsetto section hurts me a little. Perhaps I'll re-record it with a proper voice.

I do need to record a song of my OWN writing with vocals sometime. I'm still kinda nervous to cross that line. I think I can sing okay... but still, recording it is nervewracking. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, let me know. Please.

And that's all I have for now. Random link! Now, I don't go TOO much into astrology, but if you're curious on how close the stars can predict you, check this out.
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