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Too many things interest me
If I had perhaps sixty-eight hours a day, I'd be all right. Alas, only twenty-four, and of those, I need at least eight for sleep. That's not enough time. I need more time! To train fully in kung fu, and to write and record music, and to watch cool movies, and play a game or two, and maybe if time is left over, finish my thesis and do the class project. Maybe someday, during my lifetime, we'll establish a colony on another planet where the planet rotates a little slower. And I can get my sixty-plus hour day. Patience, patience...

I was a little irresponsible today. I really didn't want to go in to work, because I'd have to come back pretty soon, to potentially host some people. Well, I didn't go to work, and I didn't host people. Because nobody came. And I'm sad that it's Lent. Actually, ONE person came, so we watched one of the manliest movies of ALL TIME. Yes, it's Road House. I personally like the movie a lot. Even though it isn't a high quality movie, I get some twisted pleasure from the testosterone that oozes from it. That, and I did laundry, too. So it wasn't all pure unadulterated aversion of responsibility.

Oh, I've gotten at least a couple of people who were wondering about the last song I posted. YES, that's me playing, and YES, it's me singing. While I was sick. It was all done in one track, on a microphone. Not the fine-tuned recording machine that I used for some of the other songs, but hey, it worked okay. I did use some reverb, but that was about it. I need to record a good rock song sometime soon. I've been experimenting with some ideas, but nothing solid yet. Sorry. No download action today.

Ah - there was one other responsible thing that happened today, and I should enlighten you all. All of the undergraduate folk, especially. If you decide to continue school after getting ONE degree (like some silly people do), make sure any school loans you have get deferred immediately, or else start paying them immediately. I found out recently that the reason by credit is HORRID AWFUL WOW is because the loan "authority" did not know I was still in school. And started billing me. And I didn't know until it was ninety days too late. And being delinquent on student loans isn't good for your credit. Not good at all. So watch out for that. I think I'll get it all sorted out and be able to get a credit card limit above the price of a semester's worth of books. Hopefully.

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