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Too much lost sleep
I've had to get up a little bit earlier every day than normal, but my bedtime hasn't moved a whole lot. So I'm getting kinda tired. But it's Friday! Before Spring Break! Although I think my Spring Break will be more of a work break than R&R. All my slouching has to take a rest this next week, when I actually do a few projects. Then school will start up again, and I can go back to my slouchy ways.

Yeah, I had an orthodontist appointment this morning. I got a weird kind of hook on one of my teeth, to hook a rubber band around, which in turn attaches to the braces. It's to move just one of the teeth. A little different. Although it wasn't bad, my orthodontist is cool. And then off to Golden Gate! The best Chinese place in town. Go there! Try it out! Brandon is a great guy. (It's at about 27th or so and Harvard, across from the BA East entrance.) Today Jimbo started working there again. He's a crazy guy who speaks kinda bad English really loudly. He just came back from China, so he was still out of it. I think it was busy, I felt bad for Brandon. One guy had the lunch buffet, and took his plate up for a refill. Brandon was filling it up, and he looked at me, saying, "Was that it?" in kind of a rhetorical way. I told him, "He also wanted Lo Mein and extra sweet and sour sauce." So Brandon smiled and told me I was hired. I'd eat there a lot even if the food wasn't so good. That, and they give you TONS of it. Go there! You can tell Brandon I sent you. If there's any question about me, just mention Kung Fu. He'll know who I am.

Then it was time to do a bit of work. Not a whole lot. And I tried doing some real school work, but somehow I just couldn't motivate myself. I did manage to write my name and a title. Which is a start. But then I got distracted. And then I fell asleep in my chair. Which was also a little distracting. So it still needs to be done. Bleah.

Choir practice tonight was a little sad. Only THREE people showed up. And only two and a half people sang. Yes, the pianist doesn't really sing everything. So she's a half. As far as vocals go. Although she does play the piano. So maybe that covers the other half okay. Hmm... I'm really starting to get tired, and I'm a little worried about what I might start saying. Possibly stuff about badgers. Who knows.

But I did finish off the evening with some Jet Li. Kiss of the Dragon. Oh, it's good. Very violent, has sex and drugs and rap music (all equivalent with EVIL, for some people). But the fight scenes are exquisite. Gets my adrenaline all rushing. It's a good drug, that adrenaline. All natural. But it feels so GOOD. That, and it helps prevent pain in certain events. Like, say, when you're sparring and you end up doing something that will hurt a lot later. At the moment, good ol' adrenaline keeps you blissfully ignorant. Mmm, good.

And I'm tired, so I think I shall put up my random link. This one is something I used to visit a lot. If you've ever been on IRC, you'll recognize a lot of it. If not - basically, it's online chat stuff. Some of it is pretty freakin' funny.
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