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The weekend has ended... TOO early
I wish there were more of the weekend. But it's gotta end sometime. I did make use of it. I managed to clean some. Take out trash, do some dishes, that type of thing. And Saturday I went out to do something VERY important. Pick up two things - Rise to Honor and Ninja Gaiden. Rise to Honor has Jet Li - automatic cool points. Which makes up some for the lack of actual gaming prowess the software has. It's still kind of fun, built a lot like an interactive movie. Slow motion for some moments, that type of thing.

Ninja Gaiden, however... that merits a new paragraph. It is GOOD. Very good. It's not easy, at all, but it's not too hard. Which means you might have to try a couple of times sometimes, but you can do it. It's beautiful, that's for sure. And FUN. It's easy enough to control, but it's not pure button-mashing. Knowing the manuvers can allow you to pull off some pretty slick-looking moves. It's very enjoyable.

So I'll be putting some time into that. And tonight I I tried helping someone with their Calc 3 homework. I realized how long ago it was that I did it previously. Makes me feel old. EIGHT YEARS. Yeah, I did it in high school. Calc 1, 2, 3, Differential Equations... all before even getting to college. I like math. But tonight - I just couldn't remember enough. Which made me sad. Alas, I'll have to catch up, I suppose.

And now it's time to watch some Animatrix with my roomie, so I must away. I may come back, later. But I'll leave you with a random link, still. I try to be consistent. This one is totally random. I don't advocate it, but it's another school with some DIFFERENT kung fu.
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