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Weekend hath ended
It's late Sunday/early Monday. I actually had a really good day. Helped lead a retreat with high schoolers, for confirmation. Met somebody new that I've actually been around for years without realizing, so it was cool to actually meet them. The music at church went well, except my voice CRACKED while we were singing one of the songs. I'm not sure anyone actually noticed, though, so it wasn't too bad. I slept very hard last night, and wasn't quite ready to get up, so I'm quite tired now.

For some reason, though, I feel really sad. No good reason for it. I wonder sometimes if we're all connected to each other. And if something massive happens in someplace, if its emotional effect can be transferred to other people without the people ever actually seeing each other. If that's true, maybe this is the cause of my emotional issue. I can imagine it affecting a lot of people in a major way. So I'm sitting here, listening to sad music, writing in my blog, wondering about writing new music to express emotions. If you don't play an instrument, one good reason (if you don't have any other good reasons) is that playing music is an incredible emotional outlet. I highly recommend it.

I saw the end of the Oscars tonight. It's all over the news, so I'll go ahead and spread the news some more. LOTR won 11 oscars. Including best director and picture. I actually think that's okay. It IS, as a matter of fact, an incredible film. I'll be buying the Special Extended Limited Director's Cut Happy Fun Ball version of the movie. The extended versions are both (so far) better than the originals, if you haven't seen them, you SHOULD.

Anyway, my blogspeak isn't as humorous as it normally is (I think) tonight, so I'm sorry. Maybe it's because it's Lent. And I'm sad. I'm sad that it's Lent. To fit with the mood, though, I'll give you another one of my compositions. This one is pretty lethargic. Not too much to it. Although it uses the same drum track as the last song - but hey! It's a good drum track. I call it Drifting. It works for calmer moods. Or even to fall asleep to.

I think I'm going to go watch a sad movie. Since it's still early. But for you - you must have a random link! Some people don't like this, but I LOVE it.
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