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What? I'm posting early in the morning?
Yes, yes, early in the morning. Seems like it's my time. I OWN it. Not like anybody else wants it.

Speaking of - last night and today were kind of sucky because our A/C went OUT. And with all the electronic paraphernalia we have here, the apartment got rather warm. As in eighty degrees (Fahrenheit) warm. I don't like sleeping when it's too warm. When it's cold, that's okay. You can bundle up, wear more clothes, and there's something about that that's just nice. I like wrapping up in stuff when I sleep. But when it's HOT - you can get naked, and it's still not going to fix it. That, and filling the tub with ice and then putting a sleeping bag on that isn't very efficient. It's rather hopeless, which makes me mad. Because there's NOTHING YOU CAN DO. That's the type of thing that makes me mad. When there's something horribly wrong, and there's nothing that can be done to change it. But it's cooler tonight, so I can bundle up and be okay. And not have freaky dreams, like I think I did last night.

So I woke up, and my battle scars have already started healing. Darn. Oh well, I'll get some more soon enough, I'm sure. But waking up after sleeping in HEAT makes one cranky. Bleah. I got up, though, got some food. And then... I WORKED. Amazingly enough, that's what I've done for most of the day. Working on the impossible project. I did approximately 85% of it today. Woo! I have all of tomorrow and lots of Monday to finish the last bits, test it, and then write the little paper to accompany it. Mission impossible... now looks only potentially improbable. Is that an oxymoron? Anyway, what a fun way to spend my Saturday night. Coding in Java. Silly Java. Always making people work for things that should already be part of the language. What? You have no unsigned bytes? There's no easy way to convert byte arrays into strings? Of course not! What was I thinking? Here, I shall leave you with a chunk of code I wrote so you can see what bliss it is.

// Freakin' pain in the butt Java doesn't have unsigned bytes. So that's what the & 0xff
// is for. Otherwise we get negative values. Now you must live through the pain I did,
// in the form of trying to understand the next line.
str = str.concat(new BigInteger(String.valueOf(new BigInteger(tmpb).intValue() & 0xff)).divide(new BigInteger("16")).toString(16));

Isn't it pretty? And that comment above it really is in my code. Yeah. I'm up to about five hundred lines. Who knows, it may expand to twice that. No big deal.

I did squeeze in a little rest time. To eat more p'zone with Pepsi and even a movie. Which movie? A little semi-film called Drumline. It wasn't too bad! Something about rhythm has a big effect on things. It made the climax of the film work very well. If you were in band in high school (or heaven forbid, in band camp), you might like this movie quite a bit.

And in contrast with the violent imagery (both verbal and photographic) I've been providing recently, I think this time I shall give you a pleasant image. This is something I took (yes, ME) from an airplane. Managed to have the luck to have a window seat on the east side of the plane as the sun rose. Which made up for the fact that I was actually AWAKE when the sun was rising. And not from staying up. Here! I hope you like it.

And with that, I'll close the blog session for today. But not before a random link. Sometimes I use BIG WORDS. And sometimes I use more complicated multisyllabic words, as opposed to purely capitalized words. So for those times when you feel like you need to use crazy vocabulary, here you go.
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