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What a rainy day
It was raining today. If you didn't know. Yep. I had a dentist appointment to get my lovely filling. I was so looking forward to it, but the rain was coming down in a WALL that was too thick to see more than twenty feet through. So the twenty or so miles it takes to get to my dentist's office ended up taking a very long time. So long, that I got there quite late. And had to reschedule. Sadly, I have no new fillings yet. I'll have to wait for the needle and drill for another day.

Yeah, it rained a LOT. I slept nicely through some of it. But then woke up, did the fruitless dentist trip, then went to class. Class! Class was okay. Although my test was not as awesome as I had hoped. Even though I knew the material, I was missing some key words my prof wanted. So even though I knew what I was talking about, I didn't say the magic phrase to get all the bonus points. Apparently school is like an adventure through some sort of mystical forest. You have to find the magic words! And if you go to the wizard and don't recite all the proper words, he shall strike you with a large red brush. Which everyone will see. FOREVER. And I'm sad that it's Lent.

And kung fu again tonight. Lots of fun. Nothing overly exciting tonight. Just standard stuff. But after that, I got to spar with a friend who wanted to learn a bit about the nature of fighting. I'll admit, it was rather fun. We kept it limited to hand techniques, with gloves. No kicking, no grappling or takedowns. But it was an excellent workout. I had heard a lot of people wanted to view the spectacle of our match. But they couldn't make it. So hopefully my friend will relay the immense level of skill I displayed that they missed out on. Or lack of. We'll see. The sparring lessons will continue in the future, it should be interesting.

Ooh! I think it's time for another song. I didn't give you one yesterday. Hey now, full bands take a YEAR to write a full album. So I can't do a song every day. So I'll give you a good one today. This one I think is probably my favorite composition so far. It's a little sad, but not too much. I call it Apart. I hope you like it.

And I watched a Monty Python movie tonight. The Meaning of Life. I've seen it before, but it's been a while. It's a rather strange movie. Although it has an excellent death penalty scene. Ooh, slow motion can be nice sometimes. That's all I have to say on that.

I have a cool random link for you today. It's something I stumbled across. Music related. Check out her "listen" section. I liked it enough that I had to purchase the album. Worth checking out.
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