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Working strenuously
It's quite late. Or early, I should say. But I'll also say this. I started coding earlier today to get started on programming my algorithm. And now it's finished. Yes, I am THAT GOOD. It's nasty stuff, but I have it working. Almost perfectly. There's one or two little tweaks I have left to take care of, but for the most part, it does what it's supposed to. A little slower than I had hoped, but I may be able to optimize it a bit further. We'll see. And oh dear, the sun is rising. Yes, I should probably stop, for now.

So now I shall try to get some rest, and continue with this program in the time that follows my awakening. I have a random link, that someone WANTED me to place on the blog. I normally don't take requests, but this one time, I am weak (probably from over twelve hours of uninterrupted continuous work), and shall. So here's someone else's random link. Only it's not so random. And apparently important, to some people.
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