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Ah, weekend
I finally got an actual weekend. Where I frolicked and played and acted foolhardy! Yay! It's because my work is basically finished. I have one more test (NOT a final) and a big project due. After that thesis, a "big" project sounds like fun. Yay! A big project!

Yes, so I had an actual respite from continuous work. I went and saw Starsky and Hutch (which you should already know). You should see it. Do it. And the playing, which was lovely. And Saturday was a bunch of sleep. Yes! Lots! I slept for twelve hours. I was kind of kidding about it, but I ended up out until about four in the P.M. Yay! And then I rose from sleep to give a guitar lesson. Somebody I just met, actually, who was interested in learning some more guitar - they'd only been playing since December. So there was that, and then some Jackie Chan with Pepsi and a fresh P'Zone. Ooh! And they actually cooked it RIGHT this time! I think I had laid off enough of the mad ordering frequncy that they had time to properly cook it. It was so good. So I had that going for me.

And then it was off to help a friend fix his computer (his power supply has failed SIX times - something about this tells me that's not good). Success! And then it was time for some Splinter Cell. With the sneaking, and the klunking. Almost like a ninja. Maybe a little less blood, though. And a little more of the boxing thing, with my new crazy Russian Ivan "the Iceman". He's a monster! And too much fun. And the thing I used the last random link for.

Yeah, so I did some stuff that wasn't quite so much work as it was play. And I loved every minute of it. Then today was EASTER which is kind of important. So that meant family time, and filling my belly, and playing HAPPY music at church. Yay! And I'm happy Lent's over. Well, kind of. I mean, I don't like being happy things are OVER... sometimes. But it does mean happy fun music at church for a while.

And it's time to finish the thesis tomorrow. Go check the final revision with the committee, get some signatures, turn it in to the graduate office, and then the next day go and get it printed on NICE paper to be bound by the library. Fancy stuff. As well as getting back to work, and doing the last bit of school assignments. And finally, finally back to kung fu! And getting some fresh bruises. Or maybe just leaving some.

So I should get some sleep to have a proper amount of rest when I'm awake in the morning, instead of just staying awake until the morning. And your random link is ready! This is something that's been happening around campus. At least at the Newman Center, anyway. It's intense stuff.
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