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And exhaustion finds me
MAN. For some reason, I'm really tired. Not sure why. Maybe it's because I've cranked on the standard traditional end-of-semester effort on crack switch. It especially happens when something important is on the line. Like, oh, say - graduating. I did it for my undergrad, as well. A little project called Compilers. Normal people do things like that over a period of four or five months. Maybe more. No - not me! I need a week. Sometimes less.

So, in that tradition, it looks like the thesis will be finished on Monday, with perhaps a revision or two left. But that's basically one week. For a moderately large paper and over a thousand lines of code. That actually works. Speaking of, I think I'll leave a decently large number in the machine tonight, see if it's factored in the morning. And how much time it took to do it. I actually picked a number larger than the normal default factoring programs in Unix machines are capable of. (For those curious - Paul Rubin's GNU sh-utils factor program, version 2.0.15.) Considering this is MY PROGRAM 1.0, doing anything like that would be quite good. Future revisions will remove excess calculations, which eats a lot of time. Who knows how fast it might get. It's a new idea, though, which is what matters.

Yeah, I know that's all SO INTERESTING. But I can't talk just about that. Today I finally let myself have some rest time. Grab some food aside from P'zone and Pepsi. The 2-P'zone deal is finally dead, and I am sad. That, and they seem to be losing quality. I think I'm eating them too fast, so their rush to produce them is making the quality a little less than normal. So maybe it's time to change to a different food for a while.

That, and I've been playing some Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow a bit more. It's quite luscious. Yes, that good. And I'm so good. Most of the time, you have an enemy, or two, and considering the large weapon you carry, the easy solution would be to pop a cap in all of 'em. Or snipe from a distance, with your silenced scoped puppy. And if they were in the dark, no one would be the wiser. But NO. I'm not a violent man, so I prefer to either sneak my way around them without them EVEN KNOWING I am there, or else just sneak up behind 'em and KLUNK they are unconscious. Then I can put them somewhere else, where they'll wake up and think, "How'd I get here?" and maybe, "Why am I waking up?" And they would have NO IDEA. Because I'll be long gone. Occasionally, though, I'll use my other (non-lethal) tools at my disposal, if it's better that way. Like the sticky shockers, which just jolts them nicely so they pass out. Just for a while. Or the rings which are soft and expand upon firing, which properly placed, will daze or even completely incapacitate the enemy. So I leave all my unassuming victims alive, just with mild headaches. Except for one time in a secret underground sewer system/lab area. That was just a bad day. It was underground, and there couldn't be any witnesses, so I went ahead and used some ammo. Maybe a lot. It was a little messy, and I prefer not to think about it. Things could have gone better.

Anyway, that's my current form of escapism, which is quite nice to get away from things. Isn't it good to go to a place where you're a BADASS and no one wants to mess with you? Well, maybe that's not everyone's ideal form of escapism, but I certainly find it a good way to do it. That, and guitar.

So! Tomorrow, some kung fu, in the form of demonstration. I've missed a week. Craziness. I'll have to get back to it. Back to that, and work, and other school assignments. Ahh... it'll be so much easier. But the effort's worth it. Dang! I'll have a Master's degree! "So what? You my MASTER now?" Eh, it'll be quite nice. And I'll be working! Maybe even make myself some money, get a place to live aside from school residential areas. What a novel idea. I'm the first of my main group of friends to have a Master's degree, which is kinda cool. Some have just gone straight to the work force, some are pursuing other degrees, some just won't be finished until later. So it's still a foreign idea to me. That's okay! I think I'll be fine with it.

And yes, time to sleep. It'd be nice not to need it, but I do like sleeping. Maybe a little too much. And dreams have more benefits than anyone could possibly know (in today's world), so there's that. So here's your random link! A mix of things I like. Especially right now.
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