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And it's time to be happy
I spent another day working diligently. But lo and behold, the end of the day comes (or rather, the beginning of the next), and I finally found my last coding bugs! Woo! W00t, even! Yes, they were silly bugs, things that I didn't even realize were wrong until I painfully tracked down the last bits until I found where the math errors were happening. Actually, it was only one bug. But I kept doing small fixes which made things better until I realized what really needed to be done. And now it works! Which means it's time to move onto testing. And seeing what this thing is really capable of doing. Hopefully it'll be good. But yay! A cool thesis! One that's complicated enough to be proud of.

I'll spend tomorrow finishing the body of the paper, writing the implementation section. That, and testing, testing. Then next week it's time for the defense. And when that's done, it's on to other school stuff. Like studying for a test, and trying to finish the other major project that's due. Man, after this algorithm, anything else will be cheesecake. Ooh! And I can't stop playing with the program, now that it works. I'm so happy.

Ah... listening to old music can sometimes be good. Old as in stuff you haven't listened to in a while, not just decrepit recordings. Yes, I'm enjoying some good ol' Depeche Mode. I used to be a huge fan. I especially like their Violator album.

And it's yet again super late. Time for sleep. So I'm going to rest. But it's late enough that I shall leave a very odd random link. Just warning you, potentially offensive material. Have fun!
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