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And the program continues running
Yes, I am completely hooked on improving my algorithm. I'm thinking there's got to be some sort of awesome capabilities within. So my poor computer's running calculations all day long. But I'm factoring large numbers! So that's good.

I talked to the head of the department (computer science department, in case you were wondering) today. He's big into algorithms, and he mentioned the possibility of a student possibly taking my algorithm further by using it as a thesis for their project. How cool would that be? Yes, my algorithm would be famous world-wide. If I can get it to factor integers too large for normal computers. If I can factor something over 100 digits, then I'll be good. It'll be a little bit of time, yet.

I tried turning the thesis in today, but it wasn't meant to be. For one, my advisor LEFT the building right before I showed up. I spent a few hours looking for him. In vain. So I'll have to do that tomorrow. That, and he did e-mail me to tell me the algorithm is still a little confusing, the way I have it written. Overly complicated. Yeah, dumping the contents of my brain out on paper in an ordered fashion isn't really a natural thing for me. I mean, just look at this blog, for example! Dang! Ordered like my laundry.

I do need to finish that, get signatures, turn the signed final copy into the grad office, and then go WORK for a day. And then kung fu. Because I didn't actually go today, since I still had a revision left. Bleah. Perhaps it's better that way. Unleashing my frustrations on innocent kung fu people isn't nice. Not that they're all innocent. Since they request the pain of my fists and shins on a regular basis. So they shall receive... tomorrow! If I remember how to properly spar, that is.

And I have a new show I'm (sadly) hooked on. The Swan. Yes, it's FOX. The thing that hooks me is their reactions after the changes are finished. Imagine, wishing you were better on a superficial level. Then going through severe pain, and procedures chosen and administered by people you don't really even know, to change you in drastic ways. Then one day, seeing finally a completely new you. In case you don't know, they don't actually get to see themselves until FOX has decided it's time. Ratings, etc. But it works. There have only been four so far, but it's been impressive. Honestly, the very first one was the one that hooked me, had me actually say, "Wow." It makes me feel bad, though - I really wish people didn't have to be superficial. It's something that I tried denying for a very long time. My first girlfriend I actually started dating before ever seeing her. Yeah, sounds weird, but it's true. I won't go into the specifics, but it made me realize that attraction does matter. You might have weird taste, you might find a person most people think is hideous to be the best looking person on Earth - attraction and "good looks" are relative. But it does matter, at least I've found that to be the case. If you have experience/proof otherwise, please tell me, I'd be very interested to know. It's just too bad that some people seem to think they need to fit a particular mold of attractiveness, and can't accept themselves. I mean, I know I'm rather freaky looking, with my big eyebrows, overly curved back, bubble booty, receding hairline (at least I think it is) - but even with all that, some people out there think I'm attractive. I'm fine with that. Any changes I make are for HEALTH reasons. So in that way, I think some of the changes in the Swan regimen are okay. Because they do actually get healthier. Although the whole cutting and sucking and implanting I'm still iffy about. I'm not sure if I SHOULD like it. But at any rate, I am hooked.

And I'm going to start looking for apartments. Yes, I'm moving off campus for the first time in EIGHT YEARS. I'll probably go through some sort of withdrawal. Although I won't have to worry about windows being penetrated by either bullets or oranges as much. At least I hope not. I just hope I can fix my credit issues soon. It's being a pain.

Enough! Time for random link. Some people are luckier than others.
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