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Busy day
I have been PRODUCTIVE today. Yay! I woke up, yet again, too early. This time it was a friend who called at around 12:30. Too early? Noon and a half too early, you ask? Well, yes. When you go to bed at 7:30, it is. Go to bed at 7:30, you ask? Yeah, I blogged around six. And then decided to stay awake more than an hour more. For some reason that seems to be the time that musical inspiration hits me most. So I did some recording. It's not ready yet, don't get TOO excited. But new music is on its way.

So I was yet again awakened a little earlier than I would have liked, but it's okay. I woke up to do some more work, finish up the last bit, which I have finally got working nicely. Apparently the deadline is now extended until next week, so I'm going to take a break from it for a little while. A break from THAT project and start work on the school project. Which I have started, amazingly enough. We'll see how nasty this one is. Done some basic initial work, but the guts of it will probably happen tomorrow.

If that's all I've done, then how could I be so productive? Because I did WORK stuff. I was going to go apartment shopping, but I decided that might not be as important as JOB shopping. So I redid the resume, it's looking very snazzy now. Rather impressive. Reduced the school stuff so it's now at the bottom of the resume, and it only has my degrees listed, and my Mortarboard membership mentioned. Instead of all the other details of what languages I learned and grade point and such. The rest of the two pages is FULL of job experiences (since '95, baby) and certification details. And I'm starting with some cover letters, which makes it even more impressive. Hopefully that's what the people who I send it to will think. I've started already, so I might find out as early as tomorrow, but I won't get overly optimistic.

So now that the resume revision is done, that's mostly taken care of. Now it's just send it to good places and handle interviews. The next step is finding a good place to live. I have to pick a COOL one. Since I'll be living there, I might actually have to deal with this decision on a regular basis. Perhaps even daily. Gosh! Daily! And the pressure is on.

I still have kung fu on the brain. I finally stopped my mad working, and my mind gravitated a bit towards mental revision of my latest form (Gung Gee Fook Fu). It's a sweet form. I want to get very good at it. I think repeated practice of it will also improve my already crazy hard arms. And horse stance capabilities. Which are both good things. It takes a long time, and it wears you down, if you do it right. I'm hoping I can get good enough with it that I can go through it and still be fresh. Even more energetic, perhaps.

Speaking of kung fu, I think it's time to view a Jet Li movie I picked up while at Wally World. Sadly, I found Jet on a "bargain" shelf. For less than ten dollars. But hey, it's okay. Romeo Must Die, a different take on the Romeo and Juliet story. Jet's still a bad mamajama. I think I will spend some time with Jet kicking some booty, whilst sipping gently at a Cherry Pepsi. Maybe a little bit of reheated pizza. Sadly, no P'Zone. It's being phased out. I'm sad that P'Zones are going away. But I got a new buffalo wing pizza thing. Hot stuff! Pretty good, actually. Even though I'm half Polish and half Mexican, I can't handle spices that well. So the buffalo wing pizza is just right. I could only eat the first three pieces before I had to refrain from consumption to allow recovery of the taste buds, so I wouldn't do permanent damage to the olfactory senses. Mmm, good.

So it's time for pizza and Pepsi and kung fu! A great combination, trust me. So here, have a random link, since I can't give you pizza and Pepsi. This one is a very very random one. Just to keep the random of the random link consistent. (And a bonus random link. These are pretty much all random.)
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