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Dammit, I'm hooked
I can't stop working on my thesis. Even though I'm DONE, I just keep getting drawn to it. I'm just a twisted individual. Why do I want to keep doing it? It's the perfectionist part of me. Dangit! I keep thinking, "I can make this BETTER than anything else." And since I don't know any better, maybe, just maybe, I can. We'll find out. After I win some cash money, then you'll know.

But the thesis is basically done. I do my defense on Friday, at 3. Hee hee. Which means I have to get up in approximately three hours to go turn in copies of this epic thesis to the committee members. Which means I should go to sleep very soon. Bleah.

Okay, I'll be good. And try to stop improving my program. And crash. But random link! For you. Yes, for you. A new sort of technical thing.
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