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Finished en total
I am DONE. It has been turned in, final FINAL copy. I know I'll have a dream about needing to do another revision, but it's actually all finished. Had to run to three different buildings repeatedly to get this paper and that signature and so forth. But I did it! My thesis is FINISHED. Except for my independent testing (yes, I'm still doing it), which I'll do until I unlock the secret to my thesis's potential and become world famous.

I also managed to do some loan counseling requirement thing that was necessary if I wanted to actually get my diploma (which I DO). That was interesting. It was the financial aid office, full of women. And I took the test on the computer there, it was lots of fun. Boy oh boy. To prove I knew the situation with loans, and how you're supposed to pay them back. So apparently you have to pay them back. Good to know.

And then I proceeded to eat fast food and play a bit, some more Fight Night. My champion Russian Ivan is now WORLD CHAMPION. Yes, he's a monster. Quite cool. I honestly think the game has affected my real-life sparring techniques. In a good way. It's interesting, though. I think the sparring on Tuesday was very reflective of some new ideas I had. So gaming can be good for all sorts of things! Even though it makes me want to cuss like mad sometimes, when the computer gets cheap because it knows I'm just too good.

But coming back from Lorton after doing the final thesis stuff and taking care of the last issues before graduation requirements - it felt really weird. I think I'm still in denial of the fact I'm actually leaving campus, not going to school anymore. I've been here forEVER. It feels like. So living somewhere else, without a roommate, not having to worry about keeping tabs on school stuff - it'll be weird. Might actually be cool. I'm interested to find out what it'll be like. That, and it'll be cool to actually have the second degree, plus all my certifications I got to boot. Might actually make some real money, instead of the part-time low-pay thing. We'll have to wait and find out. Yay!

Oh yeah, and taxes. Ugh. I ended up doing mine for the first time on my own - did it online, at TurboTax. Pretty easy - hopefully I did everything right. It was sent on the 14th, so I was even a day early! Woo! And I got a refund, which is always good.

I did get to hang out with somebody new for a change of pace, yesterday. It's cool meeting new people. You get to introduce them to things you had assumed everybody knew (like how good of a restaurant Golden Gate is), see life through someone else's eyes. Maybe I should get another degree. In psychology. That would be splendid. Then, to round it off, a music degree, an English degree, and a philosophy degree. Then I'd have things covered. Maybe I just don't want to leave the school zone yet. I'm a professional student.

There's lots of stuff this weekend! Two movies - Kill Bill Volume 2 and the Punisher, both of which I would like to see. That, and Stomp is in town. Tickets aren't exactly cheap, but they're quite cool. Might be worth it to see them (again). We'll see what the weekend leads to. Aside from studying for my last test EVER. Yep - Monday afternoon. That sounds so ominous - last test EVER. Dun-nuh-nuaah! Then it's working all week on more of a full-time schedule to make me some MONEY and getting the last project finished. Once that project is done, all my requirements for graduation are finished. Yay! Speaking of making MONEY - I find out tomorrow if the job I have lined up for May is going to pan out. I hope so! That would be cool!

Okay, enough rambling without even being INTERESTING today. I'm so sorry. My lack of enthusiasm about a specific topic that has nothing to do with anything else has made this blog entry rather blah. So I apologize. Profusely. Can "profusely" be a sentence in itself? That's probably some sort of poetic conversation starting there, so I'll let it be. But I will do a random link! This is a fun one. Something along the school topic.
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