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Oooh, and I'm MAD. Frustrated, by lots of little things going wrong. Even though there is some good stuff going on, as well. But all day long, it's been maddening small things. Starting with me not finding my phone. The cordless one, not cell. "Why don't you call it?" Yes, I WOULD have, if the batteries hadn't already DIED. Dead batteries mean phone doesn't ring. Or respond to pages. So I had no idea where my phone was. And I had to work on this project (employment project) for most of the day, so I'd be at my computer, dealing with the problems THERE... the phone would ring, and that meant if I wanted to answer, I'd have to open the door, dash across the not-so-open-spaced room, and pick up the corded phone. And of course, the phone would ring a lot. And it was never for me. Which made me mad. Wasting precious time answering phone calls that needed not to be answered. LACK OF EFFICIENCY. I don't like it, especially when I need to be efficient.

So there was that, to begin with. And the whole being super-hungry thing didn't help. Fortuntely, that's fixable. Although as soon as I start getting ready to eat, my CELL phone starts ringing. And lots of people need to talk to me. At the same time. Which is the same time that I'm trying to EAT. Grr. I finally get some food in me and feel a little better. And continue with the work thing. I've made some progress, although just now I've come to a block. Not just one, but a few. For some reason, JavaScript just doesn't want to work in the page I'm writing. Yes, I write a basic function with an onChange call to it, but even when I change that value, it decides to be stubborn. Oh, there's no error. It's just not going to do anything. I had it working in other pages, but for some reason, I guess more than one function per page isn't allowed with JavaScript. It's TOO MUCH TO HANDLE. That, and trying to get Perl to work. Which ALSO should work. Yes, doing a print >>x call so that it will print until you get the x line in the code. It normally works. I've done it before, in other scripting languages. But it can't find the x, for some reason. "ERROR: No x before EOF" Because Perl is retarded. Yes, it's there! I can point to it! And I can point to the EOF, which is definitely AFTER the x. But Perl just isn't seeing it. Which means it CAN'T WORK. GRRR. I have one day left to get this thing working, and it's starting to look grim. I have gotten some things working, finally, but not everything. At least I've put in a buttload of hours, so I'll have money to survive a little more.

Although I did get to meet the new kung fu guy today. That was my training for the evening, which I'm very glad I got. He was actually pretty cool - we got along nicely, and I think he liked me okay. Considering what he said about me in his Live Journal. Here, I'll share a bit of it with you:

Yeah, so it's all about meeting new people. Especially exceptionally cool people. It's also a plus when said cool people can kick my ass. (I now have a giant bump on my leg, which will probably become a giant bruise by tomorrow morning. However, I think I learned quite a bit tonight, so I'm okay with that.) That's one of the reasons why I want to get out of high school now. I want to meet new people.

'Nuff said. It's always fun to find people to share your passions with. And I'm definitely passionate about kung fu. To give him credit, I got a small bruise on my shin, as well. Although there's a very good chance it'll be gone by the tournament. He was a lot of fun, though, and we'll likely keep in contact.

I did also get a nice burger to follow up on that. Mmm, burgers. I'm very glad Wendy's drive-through is open late. Food after exercise is very good stuff. I did also get the final tickets for my upcoming trip to Canada. Yes, to the big kung fu gathering. It shall be epic. Hotel tickets done, although I'm a bit poorer now. Tax return returning now wouldn't hurt. So all in all, the day wasn't a total source of flummoxing. Which is good.

Okay, it's late. Time to try to sleep, so I can work ALL DAY tomorrow, with a short dinner break for my mom's birthday, which is technically today. Happy birthday, Mom! The random link today is sponsored by your local Slashdot. Something plenty of people would be interested in.
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