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Going to bed at a more reasonable time
Finally. I've done some preliminary work on my presentation, which is set for Friday at 3. When that's done, I can finally relax. Which worries me. I might just collapse in a heap, unconscious for two straight days. It almost happened today. I tried going to work, but since I didn't sleep pretty much at ALL last night, I was worthless there. So I just made it back, and took a brief nap. I thought it'd be brief. But I had to be with choir for the Holy Thursday service today - none of my alarms woke me. I somehow was awakened by the phone (not my cell, but the other) as mass was starting, then realized I had overslept. Bleah. Considering that, the music turned out pretty good.

And why was I up all last night? I made another change to my program. And it made me excited to see how effective it would be. Too excited to sleep. Seriously. That's how much of a nerd I truly am. I haven't been at that level of excitement since Christmas Eve in my pre-teen days. There's just something about being able to make incremental changes to something, when each time it improves. It motivates me, keeps me going. It's also a good model to remember for video game development. Even if you do NOTHING, if you can make incremental improvements to your character or situation, it's the most fun thing EVAR. Don't believe me? Ever heard of... Diablo? Everquest? Final Fantasy 1-3 billion? Even if you haven't played them, they ARE successful. For many reasons, but the secret is out now - small, incremental improvements. That's the real reason.

So I got about an hour and a half of sleep. Not even real sleep. I kept waking up to see if the number I had chosen had been factored yet. I came to my senses a little later. To realize I should start with SMALLER numbers, not just put in the biggest number I could find. So I'm ready to pass out now for a number of hours greater than two. Oh yes, and it will be good. But after Friday's done, I'll be sleeping in on Saturday until, oh, 8. PM. Yeah. That sounds quite nice.

But not before I give you your random link. This is one of the most random things I've put up in a while.
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