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It's late. I'm tired. It's been a busy day. But good. You see, it all began when I awoke to multiple phone calls. The first one being my sister because she was afraid of a spider. Yes, she really woke me up because of a freakin' SPIDER. Maybe I should call her right now. Shriek out and say, "There's no sun outside!" Yeah, that might be good. Anyway, after pretty much hanging up on her for that, it was time to get ready and go take care of financial issues. Yes, financial issues! Good ones. I now have a Roth IRA. Yay! It's the beginning of some major investment. I think it will turn out nicely. Take some time to do it, but it'll be good. Kind of like laying an egg. Maybe that's why they call them nest eggs. As opposed to frying pan eggs, I guess.

So that was good. Then to work! And I worked. After going to Friday's for some food, where the flirting continued. I guess I just have some extra mojo lately. Probably from the whole glowing at the idea of FINALLY GRADUATING. That, and finishing my Phase 1 test. Either way, I'm not complaining. Work was slow, I had to trade messages with the developers of the software I was trying to figure out. Sadly, I only got it fully working around 11 tonight. But I did get it working!

And more kung fu, always good. Sparring was okay, although we (sadly) didn't have too many people around. Justin and I practiced some new moves. We're doing them slowly, but if we can get it practiced, it would be excellent. It seems as though we're actually using real kung fu for fighting, looking almost staged, but it's not. I'm working on being more solid, not bouncing around as much. While fun, it kind of wears you down.

From kung fu back to work. Remotely. And I got a lot done. Although I've been working until now. I did get a movie break! For a little taste of the Fifth Element. I do like that movie quite a bit. I'm sad, though, because I wasn't fully awake through the whole thing this time. For some reason I was tired. Maybe it's because I've been working ALL DAY.

I didn't get a chance to do the apartment shopping, but I think that will happen tomorrow. Go and peruse the different apartments I have picked out, see which ones I actually want to LIVE in, and then plunk down the initial payment. The job search continues. Nothing solid yet, although I have a few possibilities. And the project I'm working on now looks like it'll actually happen. The guy I'm doing it for is getting rather excited about it, it's fun to watch him get all giddy. I do hope it does as well as he thinks it will. If it does, I may not have to worry about another job for a while.

Ah, but I need to sleep. My creativity tonight isn't too up there, so I won't make flailing efforts at being amusing. But I will give a random link. This is something I found related to work, and I thought it was just cool. There's a limitation of sixty "tests" per day per network, so don't go too crazy on this.
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