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Insanity approaches
Yes, I will soon be insane. For one thing, I have my last test EVER tomorrow. But have I studied? Of course not. It's not until 4:30! So that means I'll start in the morning, crank through it all day. Take the test, be done with it. Then it's one more project to finish (which might be fun, if I can push myself into starting it). And next week it's work all week. Basically, forty hours squeezed into four days. So lovely. And I get to cap the week off with a tournament that Sifu is hosting, which means (being in the position I am at the kwoon) I'll be helping thoroughly. Yep, Saturday from 8 AM to at least 6 PM. I'll be helping, doing demonstrations, and competing. Which means I have to train this week, when I'm not working. So in additional to the mental anguish, physical strain will be added. Doesn't that sound like fun?

The cool thing is that Buck Sam Kong is going to visit and be at the tournament. I'll be phase testing under him on Sunday. There are three phases in kung fu, each one is a major step in progress. I'm close to Phase 2, but I never finished Phase 1, so I need to get that done. Phase 3 is the final phase, and once you're past that, you're instructor level. We'll have one person testing in each phase on Sunday. Justin, of course, being Phase 3. Buck will test us all. I'm a little nervous about that. It means I have to be up on the first six forms, since he's free to ask me to do any of them. Or all of them, if he's feeling particularly cruel. So it's ANOTHER test, just of a different kind. At the end of a grueling week.

Oh, but for fun, I've got oodles of stuff to do. A lot of it involving my algorithm. Naturally. I have only now realized how inefficient the math I'm using is. Sometimes I wonder if I should have a degree in math - I like it more than many undergrads in mathematics. At any rate, it looks as though I'll have to get nice and cozy with Fourier transforms to get this baby rockin' at the rate I want it at. It'll be rewriting EVERYTHING. Although the potential increase in speed is enough to motivate me. So find the most efficient methods of exponentialization, multiplication, base conversion, etc. Then figure out how to code them in array fashion, and efficiently. I'm hoping it will improve the speed enormously. As it is, I've already got potential with the current implementation, but it will need to be distributed to have full appreciation of the capabilities of this thing. Which basically means find a set of machines I can borrow. AFTER I rewrite the math involved. This is a major project. And I actually want to do it! It'll take a substantial amount of time, though, and sadly, I'll have to put it to the side for this week.

Ugh, I do wish I could just sit on my can and play Splinter Cell some more. Maybe online, with a new X-Box, since my current one is retarded. Yes, it seems to be convinced ALL my discs are dirty, since it can't read them half the time. That'd be like somebody reading an eloquently scripted novel, then putting it down after the first paragraph and saying, "I can't read this, it must not be in English." Except worse. Maybe like saying, "I can't make sense of this! The author must be retarded!" Yes, my dumb X-Box. Which can't read discs very often, and forgot how to communicate online. Oh, the link light works. It's a temptation, saying, "See? It looks like I SHOULD work. Just keep trying!" And the software's all updated. But no, it doesn't work. At all. Which means it's time for a replacement. Perhaps I will execute the first X-Box in front of the new one, to set an example. "See what happens with machinery that DOESN'T WORK?" Maybe dissect it, burn a few pieces, microwave a couple more, and then just hammer and icepick for the rest. Mmm, that sounds tempting. But no! I have to wait until I'm nicely employed, settled in, all that. Which is sad.

Hmm - too bad I won't have any more tests. It seems like my creativity (blogwise, at least) gets inspired when I procrastinate from any appropriate timing of studious efforts. At any rate, I should at least get a little sleep tonight. So I think I'll finish my Pepsi, maybe play a little bit more, then crash. But your random link is ready! This is part of my motivation for the algorithm.
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