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Lightning and thunder
It's storm season! April showers bring May flowers. And May flowers June devours. Spend the hours in low powers. While the scared young child cowers. I'd better stop, I could go on for hours. In towers. With glowers. Aimed at me, most likely.

So ANYway, yes. It's been storming very much so here tonight and last night, for all you not in Tornado Valley. Tornados, even. Tonight was especially raucous. We even had a couple of brownouts, and one seven-second one. But my computer and entertainment center remained on! Yay! I like having UPSs. (For those who don't know - UPS = Uninterruptible Power Supply.) Yes, I have a massive UPS hooked up to all my entertainment center. How massive? Why, if the power went out in the middle of a movie, I could keep watching. For an HOUR and a HALF. Yeah, baby. My roomie was watching TV/a movie with a guest, and they didn't even notice the brownouts. So sweet.

I've done some substantial work at my contract job today. Although I lost connection a few times, which is quite annoying. But I did figure out the one thing that was driving me crazy. Having to do with passing proper values through ASP pages to parse search engine results. But it's done! That part, anyway. Still much more left. I have two days. And nights. Tomorrow I hope to cut it down substantially. The guy I'm working for is going to advertise for it this weekend, which puts the pressure ON.

Speaking of this weekend, the tournament approaches! I didn't get to practice enough today. Which sucks. Maybe I'll throw in a few hundred pushups before bedtime. While going through routines in my head. And I talked to the other kung fu guy today! He was supposed to call me back, but perhaps he does not have my phone number. Apparently he's only been taking since last September. So he's still rather fresh. But he was all for getting together for some sparring, trading of information. I'm psyched. So that'll probably happen tomorrow evening. I'm guessing. He admitted I was probably a better person to instruct the CS person in self-defense, so I won't have to unleash wrath upon him TOO badly. I'll be more cooperative. I can actually be nice and do kung fu at the same time. But he was very excited to hear of the tournament - sounds like there's a good chance he'll compete. He'll qualify as beginner (just past novice level), but he'll definitely get some experience. Ooh, it'll be a good tournament! People coming from all around! And if you'd like to come to see the pain, welcome! Although there might be like a $10 cover, I don't remember for sure. Nothing big, if you're not actually competing. Possibly no cover at all. It'll be at Hicks Park, in the gym. 33rd and Mingo. The good demos start at 10 AM, so if you come, you'll want to be there by then. On Saturday Saturday Saturday! You won't need the whole seat, just the edge of it! All types of martial artists there, not to mention Buck Sam Kong himself. (Sifu's sifu, if you don't remember - he got his training in CHINA, where good kung fu comes from. Not like bad Americanized kung fu.) I'm getting nervous about competing, I always do. Hopefully I can just get in and DO it.

Oh, and it looks like I'll be testing my Phase 1 test directly under Buck's supervision! Which means HE'S testing me. The pressure's on. Although Sifu said he'll only want to see one form, which isn't bad. But five self-defense manuevers from the form. Which is FUN. The other two guys have to come up with ten. Hee hee! I shouldn't laugh, though - they'll probably ask me to be the victim for most of them.

Ah, and I found my old ICQ logs. From forever ago. My looking for them was inspired by a random message from an old friend I met on ICQ, who I haven't actually talked to in SIX YEARS. She didn't seem to think it had been that long, and was surprised when I told her. Anyway, I tried finding some of the people I used to talk to, and actually located a couple of them online. It's crazy! They're all OLDER. Go figure. I haven't talked to any of them yet, I might try contacting them through e-mail or something, though. I had forgotten I was a little ICQ fiend in the late nineties (that sounds weird to say "the nineties", like it was forever ago). Yep, with the random message option on, I would meet new people every day! And some of them were rather insane. I remember one who was foolish, and tried saying naughty things to me. That'd be okay, if they were a female my age. But no, it was a male eight years older than me. So I took revenge on him, computer science style. Which I now find very funny.

And it still feels early! Which is bad. I need to get a normal sleep schedule, and SOON, since I'll have to be at the tournament at 8 AM on Saturday. Ugh. That's just not right. But what IS right is my random link. This might be good for those people who are actually graduating and leaving school to go on to OTHER places.
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