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Mmm... I like weekends
Yes, that I do. I had a day full of NOTHING. Even though I should have been working. I just needed to let go for the day. And it was worth every moment. Sleeping in way too much, hitting the snooze button (is that a real word? it looks weird) about for gajillion times. And waking up to make lots of phone calls (important phone calls, I'll have you know). Then having some friends over to watch a movie and play games! Yay! We saw Hero, which now has a trailer out in theaters. I haven't seen the trailer yet, but apparently whoever designed the trailer needs to be fired. It is not accurate at all. It's an excellent movie, though, but I think it fits more in the "artsy" category than action. The reason I have it already is because it was release a couple of years ago in China. And Jet Li is in it. So of course I have it. I personally like it quite a bit, it's not standard Jet Li fare, though.

And the playing was of the Dead or Alive 3 category. It's a rather fun game, especially with four people playing. So it was good stuff. And we only finished about an hour ago, maybe a little less. Yes! Much fun was had by all.

And yes, I'm still working on my thesis project. I had success! I devised a new method of testing it, and found something I had been very interested in finding out. Which is that my method actually has potential to actually compete with the "big boys" of factorization. I haven't gotten into the astronomical category of 100 digit numbers yet (still on 20 or so), but I need thorough testing at lower levels before attempting the bigger ones. If it works as well as I hope it might, it may mean a lot for me. It would be excellent.

Bleah. I found out about my credit issue - basically, I have horrible credit, because I started getting billed for my undergrad loan before I thought I was going to. Since it was sent to my HOUSE and not the apartment, I didn't realize until it was too late, and my credit is now shot. I thought I was going to school half-time, but only found out in this last week that I wasn't. Which is bad. So I'm not sure I know of a way to fix my credit. If YOU can think of a way, please, please let me know. It would help.

That, and the job I had potentially lined up didn't work out. Which is sad, it would have been fun. So I have to start the job hunt very soon, which hopefully won't be too bad, now that I have crazy qualifications added to it. I just want to do something that will be fun. So trying to find an apartment with bad credit and no job isn't going to be quite as easy as I was hoping it could have been. Sucky-POOH. We'll see what kind of miracle I can pull out of [your choice of orifice] for this one.

Until then, I do have the other job, which I'll be working full-time next week, after my test. I have to finish it by the end of the week, which I hope works out. If it works out WELL, I may be okay with the job thing. That would be very nice. We'll just have to wait and see. And work my butt off yet AGAIN, this time for CASH MONEY.

And that is delving into my life, so now I shall give you a departure from all the seriousness of that silly stuff. It's both good and bad, but hey, that's life. So here! The random link! For those of you who like online software of the entertainment variety, this looks pretty freakin' good. Made by a few guys who did some Blizzard stuff previously. Which equals AWESOME.
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