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Okay, one more day
Hopefully this will be the last night to really do work on the thesis. I've talked to my advisor, and it looks like most of the work I need to get done is formatting, touch-up stuff. A little bit more bulk in some areas, but for the most part, it's pretty much done. So today's my last day of all-out crazy work, and then it's on to planning for the defense. I was up all night last night, so hopefully tonight I'll actually go to sleep while it's still dark.

Since the work left is still looming, I have another day my blog will not be as crazy as it often is. Although I do need to mention the kung fu demos. With my metabolism the way it is, getting up in the morning and not eating anything and then trying to do something high-impact is not a good idea. We went to the Con at the Fox center (don't remember exactly what it's called, it was at 27th and Memorial), right across from the Academy. We did a lion dance, some form demos, and some self-defense demos. We did two runs. The first time turned out okay, although I was in NO shape for doing it. I had to stop and kneel after each demo I did (I was involved in three), trying not to ralph. I realized I NEEDED food to function any better, so I grabbed some of the available delicacies (pizza, naturally) and the second time was more than 100% better. It was cool, though - I had one demo I did where we were showing self-defense using the five animals (tiger, crane, snake, leopard and dragon), and I was dragon. My manuever involved blocking a kick and a punch, then basically stepping up and pulling him across my leg as I snap his neck. It got some good "Ooh!"s from the crowd. Justin, as always, got some appreciative glances at his mad skills. That, and we got to finish the whole day with a two-man sparring set, which is fast and ferocious. I think it went well. Even had a couple of people want pictures of us.

The only other thing non-thesis I've done was Palm Sunday mass, which I think is probably important enough to pause the thesis. The music turned out pretty nice, although there was approximately sixty minutes of shrieking from the back row. Somebody I know is uncle to a child with a very impressive set of vocal pipes, although it'd be better if they were used for singing, as opposed to screaming bloody murder.

Anyway, it's back to the thesis to finish it up. I'm wondering how many of the faculty will understand it entirely - my advisor has already said he doesn't really understand it, and he didn't even attempt to look at the code. He's said as long as I'm the most knowledgeable one on the material, I'm good. So I think I'll be okay.

Random link! AaaaHOOOOaaaaa. Excuse me.

Okay, had to make an edit. I found something else I have to add as a random second random link. It is freakin' AWESOME.
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