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So it was written, so it is done
I had my defense today! Well, technically yesterday. I went immediately after my roommate, using almost the same committee. Which was funny. We were supposed to fill up twenty minutes, so I was worried I might not have enough information to fill that amount of time. Which made me expand on EVERYTHING. I didn't leave the room until an hour and twenty minutes later. Pretty crazy stuff! Yes, the defense went well, and I am happy. I was told it seemed like I knew what I was talking about quite well, and answered the questions aimed at me nicely. The funny thing is that the title of my thesis was brought under question - it looks like I'll have to change it. Apparently my algorithm is deterministic, NOT non-deterministic. I'm sticking to the divide-and-conquer part of it, although that was also brought under question. I had a decent amount of people attend, which I'm grateful for. And there were lots of questions! Which made me happy, because to ask a question, some semblance of understanding must be there, as well as at least some interest. So if my thesis ended up being even moderately interesting to other people, that makes me pleased.

Yes, I did the defense, finished it, talked to the committee for about half an hour (the guys were waiting outside, starting to get worried) about details, and then I waited outside talking to the guys. The committee members then came out after discussion and shook my hand - I had a successful defense! Woo! There's a few minor edits needed on the paper, mainly to make it a little less cryptic for those trying to understand my algorithm. That, and CHANGING the TITLE. Oh well, I'm not too proud to be only too happy to do that, if it means I'll get my Master's degree. Yay! I'm really psyched I'm getting it! A Master's degree. That just sounds so cool. With five security certificates on top of it, to boot. Yaaay!

So when it was done, then it was time to play! And play hard, of course. So I went out to eat, a very good dinner at Carabba's. Good Italian place. Then off to see Starsky and Hutch, which was pretty good! It's better than I was expecting. And then time to game a bit, with some friends I haven't hung out with in a while. I took Fight Night 2004 over, and we played that a bit. One of my friends made his own character, based off of himself. I never mentioned it here, but there's a VERY detailed create-a-character mode in the game. So I made myself almost perfectly. He's 5'8", 129 lbs, 25 years old (although he'll get older as the game progresses), and he looks scarily like me. His name is, affectionately - Ric Jizzer. Oh yeah. So anyway, my friend made a character for himself, and went through a few fights with him. I had played MANY fights with Ric, so he was substantially more experienced (i.e., better). My friend (Brandon) decided he was ready to take me on! So there was a lot of excitement. The boxers entered the ring, there was some back and forth, I landed some nice ones on him, and about ten seconds into the match - WHAM! A huge right uppercut from me hits him, and he hits the ground. Normally you have to wear someone down before you can take them to the ground, but in this case, it was a surprise takedown. It was pretty funny. So he gets up, and I basically pummel him like crazy, and he hits the ground again. But doesn't get up the second time. It was pretty unfair, but it was hilarious. Good times.

Ah... and then it was time for some Splinter Cell 2, which is very good stuff. I gave them a taste of the multiplayer, and Brandon's roomie Carlos liked the look of it enough that we may be playing it quite soon. Which I'd be cool with. It would require some purchases on both sides. But I think I'd be okay with that. Since I'll have a Master's degree pretty soon here. I hear they help your value in the employment area of things. So maybe I could afford to buy some fun stuff on occasion. I guess we'll wait and see.

But now it's late, and I should sleep. Sleep IN. For twelve hours. Oh yes, if it's twelve hours, then I'll be fine with that. That'd be sweet. Maybe I should turn off my phones. Perhaps. But for you, I have a random link! (Did you like yesterday's? Wasn't it nice?) Today I'll give you some COMPLETELY RANDOM. Well, I had a reason to use it, but I don't know if you will. If you do, I'll be impressed.
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