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Still hard at work
Yes, yes. I've been fine-tuning my program most of the day. I fixed a few minor bugs, still have one left to find, but it's working well enough I can start testing, which I have. I also wrote a lot more on the paper, it's starting to look good. AND I talked to the head of computer science, and he said he'd be on my committee for the dissertation. AND I got two other people on the committee. The fourth is sort of MIA, so I just have to wait.

But the paper's definitely more than half done, and I may even finish it by the end of the week. Maybe even get back to work next week, for MONEY. Speaking of, I had an interview today with another company. They're very cool. Anyway, I was basically told I have the job, if they get the contract. It's a very large contract, and they're in sort of a bidding war against one other major company, so nobody knows for two weeks. Ironic. I guess we'll find out if I have a DEGREE in two weeks, so everything's up in the air right now. But I'm hoping for the best - this would be a really sweet job.

Still need to take care of other stuff. Like TAXES. Did you remember? Coming soon. Speaking of sucky things, this weekend is daylight saving. The BAD kind. Where we lose time. Have to get up an hour earlier. Pssh, yeah, right. I'll just have to sleep until five, I guess. Five PM. At least my car clock will be on time again.

Ugh, and I'm silly, which means I need to go to sleep. I have many important things to do tomorrow. So I need to hurry up and relax. But first! Random link. You have to expect at least something from me being immersed in all sorts of math, so here you go.
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