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Tournament finished!
And I'm exhausted. Got up at around 7:30 this morning. After not being able to sleep until three, partly from excitement, partly from being used to staying up until at least three. So I was there at eight in the morning. Busy helping set up, then busy helping Sifu's wife handle registration and money, then busy helping with the lion dance opening, then busy helping with Sifu's part of the demonstration in two areas, then busy competing. I did all right, although my form could have been a lot cleaner. The form was basically pretty shoddy. Although the sparring set was better - I did get a medal for that (Sifu handed out medals instead of trophies, they were rather cool). Although when we competed for the grand champion with the group that did a musical interpretation, my sparring set partner kind of goofed a bit, and I think we might have lost it because of that. But it was okay.

And then sparring came. I competed in the black belt category, since I did once per Sifu's request, and since I did ONCE, I have to every time from now on. There were three people competing. One was Shannon (see earlier blog entries for details on him), the other was a karate guy (I believe) with twenty years experience, fourth degree black belt. Heavyweight. Shannon sparred him, won (barely), then he sparred me, and won (not so barely). Although I heard I actually did quite well, according to several people. I think part of it was that seeing how small I was compared to the other guys they were worried. The main judge requested that I use a helmet, and wanted me only to spar one round, I think he thought I was going to break. But I actually held my own. I landed quite a few on Shannon, he landed a few more on me. So it wasn't too bad. I got a medal there (second, for lightweight). Definitely a learning experience.

Then from there it was help clean EVERYTHING up, cart everything back to the kwoon, and then go out to eat with a few of the Academy students, which was cool. From there, we went back to the kwoon, and ran into an instructor who was going to give a workshop tonight, but nobody signed up (which kinda sucked). So we ended up talking to him for a while. About sparring, that type of thing. It was interesting.

THEN things got random. It's prom night, a ton of people were walking by, crazy stretch limos, all the goods. And a female stopped by the kwoon. To go to the bathroom. Which struck us all as a little strange, when we talked of it in retrospect. Since there are bathrooms EVERYWHERE. Why pick the kwoon, filled with several masculine martial artists? She was going stag, with a friend. So the instructor who was there (Larry) and his student start talking to her. And the student had a camera, and wanted to use up the film to take pictures of us - the girl just happened to walk in at the right time. So we pose, with her there, and get some pictures. And then she goes off. And then all the guys start talking. As chance would have it, I was the only single local guy there. So of course I become the target. And how I should take advantage. It's not often an attractive female presents such a blatant opportunity by walking into YOUR area. So the other student starts laying the mack down for me. Apparently she seemed to be looking in my direction, according to him. Alas, high school seniors are a little young for me, although everyone else said that since she was 18, it was all fair game. Who knows. There's a chance she'll come by the kwoon to check out a class sometime in the near future.

And then I get back at 11 PM, and Nick has a guest, and we watch the Shawshank Redemption. An excellent movie, in MY opinion. And that leads to about now, where I'm VERY tired, and it's almost three again, and I have to get up for more kung fu tomorrow. A couple of workshops (Sifu's and Sigong's workshops), then the phase test. Hopefully I'll make it through the day. Possibly dinner with Sigong afterwards. I need to remember to take my camera, though. It's not every day you get to hang out with Buck Sam Kong. He remembered me, it was cool.

So now, sleepytime. I will hope my fresh bruises (from Shannon) on TOP of my other almost-gone bruise (bruises on bruises are SO fun) will be better tomorrow. And your random link! Going on a trip? This might get you some decent prices. It worked for me.
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