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Tournament time
I'm finishing some laundry, got some food. But in about 7 hours I'll be at the tournament! Which means I need to go to sleep very soon. I'm getting kind of excited, though. Mental preparation by watching UFC Ultimate Ultimate 96. I keep thinking about the guys I'll be sparring. Mostly black belts. It seems that there are two categories of people who you should worry about. One's the black belts, and the other's the beginner. Surprised? The beginners know enough to do some damage, but don't know enough to have good control. The black belts you have to only worry about if they're just trying to be bad boys, show off, that type of thing. The whole "I'm tougher than you" attitude. We'll see how it goes. If anyone reading this ends up going - consider taking a video camera. It might get interesting.

And work! Dang, I sleep in a lot, and then off to my mom's birthday, which was good. Although my appetite wasn't great, because I've feeling tense from anticipation of the tournament, as well as nerves about trying to get the work stuff done. I didn't quite finish everything, but I was at the office until 11 tonight. I did manage to finish the search engine. The code is gruesome, but functional. A mix of POST and GET, with dynamic database searches being used on each page. And the details pages, which I used JavaScript for, to make a nice pop-up window on clicking. So I was rather happy with the results, hopefully the boss will be, too. I continue working next week after the tournament crazy weekend, to try to get a few other things out of the way before Wednesday. I also need to find work next week, so if you can think of any good suggestions on a cool place to work (using a Master's in computer science), let me know. That, and an apartment. Oh yeah, and my last school project. Kind of important.

Well, I still have to practice my forms for the test on Sunday. Hopefully I'll survive until then. That, and come up with five self-defense moves. Which shouldn't be a problem. If you want to help me practice (muahahaha), let me know.

Ah! And the laundry's done! I shall finish my UFC mental preparation, and go to sleep. So random link time. This is a band I've been listening to lately. A little inspiration for some new recordings.
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