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Ah, settling into the blog
So nice, so nice. I am DONE with the contract minimal requirements. Probably a few little piddly things left, but I've finished the bulk of it. The last part was a pain in the BUTT. Involved taking some code that was written somewhere else with a mix of HTML and JavaScript, identifying what the field names that the code submitted (as in form submission) were, then placing those names into a new database table and writing all the submitted values to the database. Doesn't sound TOO bad, until you know that the field names were all very cryptic (things like BC120000) and that there were around 100 of them. Which means a lot of manual labor. Bleah. YES, typing is a manual labor.

Anyway, now I am DONE with that. And I can sit and type my blog, feeling at ease with things. I sent another application earlier tonight, to a job opening I found on that was posted just today. A decent looking one, at Dollar Thrifty (I hear they have sweet benefits). We'll see how that goes. And I send another one tomorrow, to an opening my dad found for me.

In the meantime, I'm doing odd IT jobs for my parents' neighbor, which is actually paying very well. I've got another "session" tomorrow, which will pay a bill, which is GOOD. Yes, very good. And potentially another one after that, to help her fix her jacked up computer in Muskogee. I talked to her and she was very happy about her computer, and all the goodness I had bestowed upon it. Namely the removal of horrid, horrid spyware (by using Ad-aware, of course). Yes, lots of it. And then (by her choice) removing Kazaa (I'm NOT putting a link to that atrocity) to prevent fresh installs of spyware. I was going to defrag her drive, too, but I forgot to start it up before I left. Apparently just that took care of her issues. She said she could actually use her computer when she needed it and didn't have to worry about it locking up on her. That it was working better than it had since she bought it. She said every cent was well spent. Hear that, IT industry? Fools! You know not what you're missing out on! My mad skillz are sadly sitting unused.

Well, not completely unused. A friend of mine has given me a project proposal that I am quite interested in. Another CS major who is into gaming almost as much as me! Enough that he wants to get some development experience. So we're joining forces. We found a few ways to actually start a full game. We'll need some other people, but it's a start. We have an engine and a storyline lined up. It's all SECRET, so I can't tell you until the demo's released. But I think it'll be hella fun just working on it. I'm chomping at the bit. Eager in my anticipation of full-bore gaming development FUN. We'll see how that goes.

Ah, and my blogging has found a reward for me. I was offered a Gmail account. Which, after wondering what it was briefly, I accepted. So it's my new e-mail! Gmail is sweet. Why? Because Google is AWESOME. Yes, one of the coolest companies out there, I have to reveal to you. They are very cool. They actually run this here BlogSpot, too. Why is Gmail so cool? Pssh, you should just read about it yourself. But it's my new e-mail address. First name dot last name at gmail dot com. Not too hard to remember. Apparently it's in beta, so only privileged people get an account, at the moment. I think it's limited to a few thousand. And I'm one of them. Yaay!

Ah, and it's time to start researching my TV options. As in, TV signal options. I considered Voom, but I've heard a few things that aren't so good about it. And I really think I'd prefer having standard cable and a few nice HD channels instead of all HD without having good selection. So that means it's between DISH and DirectTV. I'll make the full decision when I have a JOB. But yeah, I'm getting HDTV, finally. I've had an HD-capable TV for a while now, but haven't ever actually piped full HD signals into it. So it should be interesting.

Speaking of TV, I watched the finale of the Swan tonight. It was actually pretty good! Although I feel silly getting so into it. I won't give the ending away, but I'll say that I think it turned out well. And the prizes offered for the winner were crazy. Yeah, a couple of vacations, a lot of free clothes, some jewelry, a contract with a modeling agency. Oh yeah, and throw in a NEW JAGUAR. Not enough? How about $50,000. Yeah, a decent prize setup. I think I probably muttered something like, "holy crap..." when I saw that. Two hour finale, with all the standard beauty competition stuff. Somehow this was a little different, though. They're planning the second one now. Want to join? Make sure you fit the requirements. You can submit a video if you want, though.

Ahhh... okay, I feel better now. Blogging has relieved me. Ooh! One other thing. I found the latest UFC online and watched it. UFC 47. It was SWEET. Some seriously crazy fights. And a very good main event, too - one that had been building up for a long time. I still wonder what it would actually be like to compete. I think the closest I'll get is to get a little additional training, just to be a little more well-rounded, fighting-wise. Which means some grappling skills. Should be fun, though.

Time for random link! I've left you all sorts of nice links already, but I'm going to give you even one more! Isn't that special? Since I was talking about game development... if you want to learn more, it's something you can research a bit.
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