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School is OVER. Now it's time to work on LIFE. So I started today, organizing for the move. I set up online for a U-Haul. Apparently, for the amount of time I want, it's not too bad. About $10/hr, and since I only need it for about four hours, it's doable. With a huge truck. Which means one trip. Yay! Yep, yep. I'm getting the truck, a dolly, and several pads for furniture. And I talked to the apartments today. My application was accepted! Woo! Just need to put down a month, rent out the gate remote, and I'm good. Even get to move in a day earlier than expected! So I start tomorrow night. Move some smaller stuff. The big stuff all happens Friday. Couches, the TV, the kitchen set, the bed. So forth. And then just move the rest bit by bit (if there's anything left) Sunday. Since Saturday's kind of occupied. This thing called graduation is somehow taking up time.

So I took care of that, did some bank stuff, and then it was time to clean. I've pretty much finished the living room. Organized all the crazy magazines, all the loose mail, so forth. Got quite a bit done. It's tomorrow I'm worried about. Mainly the bedroom. Finish the other magazines, other loose mail, and a lot of clothes. And move some stuff, at night. I need to decide what to take, that would be easier taken in small bits, instead of taking up valueable big truck time. I'm thinking clothes and musical instruments. We'll see. It's still weird moving. Away from campus. I'll have to re-learn all new shortcuts. And local shopping areas, for groceries and so forth.

I did get some help from a friend today with organization. I had a bunch of loose video tapes that weren't labeled, and she helped me go through them and figure out what was on them. It was grueling work, but I had to get to it sometime, and it took more time than I really wanted to spend, since I had to sort through all my mail and such. So THANK YOU Court, again, for that.

Ooh, and I'm excited to actually get my own place! The move will be pain and suffering, but once I'm in, it'll be so nice. It'll be luscious. It may get a little lonely living alone, so I'll have to make sure to have friends over. Probably more than I used to, since I never had any TIME during this last semester. I somehow had other things take up my time. How odd.

And I think I shall sleep for a few hours. I have to pick up the cap and gown tomorrow, go to a free lunch (I'm not complaining), and then get to the continuation of packing. Friday's the big move day. If anyone wants to help, that'd be the day. So random link! This is the new step in e-mail. And I've got an account. Yay!
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