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My butt is kicked
In an academic way, to clarify. I've been working on my project all night. And it's ALMOST done. Just these dang last few bits of code to debug, and it's done. Well, and a report. Which I might just go ahead and write. Yes, it's taken me all day. Which made a few other things stay on hold longer than I would have liked. Including my trash day. Which I wanted to do quite a bit. But it's got to wait, apparently.

I have anticipations about a variety of things, suddenly, for no really good reason. One of these things being my application to the apartment being accepted. I do have the credit issues (mentioned previously in blogs) I worry about, and I don't know how big of an issue that will be. I've had pretty much flawless credit in the past three years, but who knows how that will come into play. I just hope it all turns out okay.

That, and if I DO get the apartment, then it's the issue of moving the television up a few flights of stairs. I contacted several moving companies. Their answer? Basically, they're more than happy to move it. Oh yes, move it all around. Just not UP. Seems like I might have to handle the stair issue on my own. Hopefully with a few friends to help. I'm strong, but not quite THAT strong. Yet. I have one last possibility, and that's to contact a piano moving company. I'm worried mainly about price issues, when considering that as an option.

I did get another job application out, though, which is good. Hopefully I'll get a few more sent out this week. The goal is at least one a day. If anybody knows of any place in town that might be good for that, let me know.

Ugh, and my brain feels spent. Silly IDS. Programming an IDS is not that easy, apparently. At least I already had the checksum calculated. I think I'm going to write the paper, then maybe look at the code, then PERHAPS take a short nap before moving along through my week. Craziness.

Random link time. Was sent this by a friend - looks quite interesting. Make sure you look in the screenshots and videos section.
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