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Okay, one more before shutdown
I'm doing the final load of the move. I am exhausted, so short blog today. I started the day with my parents, having them come by the apartment to check it out, then going with my mom back to the old one. We spent some quality time together - she couldn't help but help me get the kitchen packed up. It helped a lot. So after that, it was back home to do a dinner for Mother's Day, then to choir practice and church. Then to Friday's for Fr. Stuart's 30th birthday! A little fun. And from there back to the old apartment to do intensive packing until about an hour ago. And the first trip to unload. And pick up my phone.

Yes, I left my phone there, when I left in the morning. And came back about fifteen hours later to find 12 missed calls. Made me feel loved, but it kinda sucked to miss that many calls. Can't return any right now, either. So I'll have to deal with that tomorrow.

At any rate, another few hours of work, then cleaning, THEN I can check out of here. And go to the new place (full of boxes) and fall unconscious for many, many hours. After that, it's me taking my good old time unpacking, sorting, keeping everything orderly. And buying any new shelving I may need for my crazy organizational stuff. Maybe a file cabinet.

Okay, I want to sleep, but must continue working. I still need to set up the new broadband connection, so the blog will be on pause for a little while. Random link! This is basically what I'm using to figure out what to get for some of the new setup in my area (since Cox isn't available).
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