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Progress during the week
Ugh - I was up until 8 AM working on the project. I finished it, e-mailed it in, and then crashed for three hours. And got up to turn in the hard copy and have lunch. Then it was on to work with the contract job, finishing up stuff with that. And sending the resume out again (always) good.

I also talked to some more movers. Apparently I'm moving the TV myself. Which might be interesting. It's a mission! Yeah, I talked to a piano mover. He didn't know if they'd even be able to do it. But since the TV is about the same size as a stand-up piano, I thought they'd know. And apparently they charge per flight of stairs. $70 per flight of stairs. Not cheap, by any means. But I got the idea on how to do it from him. It's all about physics. We need to make the stairs smooth, basically. Which will involve getting some sort of slide, or else attaching a flat surface to the bottom of the set. And then pulling/pushing up the stairs. Other details, of course, but that's the basics of it. Hopefully it'll work out.

So all that. And then it was naptime! I got a couple more hours of sleep. Weird dreams. I seem to have weird dreams when I take naps. Sometimes they're GOOD weird dreams. I didn't really remember a whole lot this time, though. Sleep is good, however I get it, though. I needed it, since I was going to go to kung fu! I've been feeling pretty out of it, almost sick, and for some reason kung fu always seems to help that. I got to work on my form a lot more, iron out a few of the specifics in it. It was good. And the trip to Canada is coming up! That's going to be sweet. Just me and Si-hing, driving up in our convertible, smiling at the ladies.

And then the start of packing! Beginning with trash. Took quite a bit out. And started the packing of the aluminum. I should take a picture when I get it all finished. There's LOTS. And probably sort all the magazines, as well. I think I'll get a nice magazine rack of some kind. Maybe like a library. Maybe just a library of magazines, sorted by type and then by date. We'll see.

Bleah, I still don't know about the apartment application. Apparently somebody managed to run into a telephone pole, and take out their phone system. Which meant no fax. Which meant they only sent it today. I'll have to wait until TOMORROW. If the app doesn't go through, I'm screwed. So you can think good thoughts for me! Please?

So the next few days are all cleaning, packing, cleaning, shipping, and cleaning some more. So much FUN. I think I might need to buy a good vacuum cleaner. All this worrying makes me not realize I've finished school. Completely. I think it'll hit me sometime over the next week.

Okay. Need to sleep, not worry about application stuff. So I'll give you a random link. This one's short. And quick. And very, very random. You'll need sound.
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