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Sun's rising, must be time to update
Yeah, I missed a day. Goodness! A day! Been kinda busy, though. In a good way. What is today? Saturday? Yeah. I started my project Thursday, finally. I don't think it'll be too bad. Need to work on it more over the weekend. That, and did some choir practice, which was cool. This Sunday's the big senior mass, the last official service before summer. It's kind of sad. A lot of people are graduating, big people at Newman. It should be interesting.

Ah, but today's been a very productive day! I went to Career Services on campus, to get tips for the resume. Apparently, mine was pretty close to ideal already. I guess the woman who checked it out seemed to be impressed by it. So now it's just a matter of getting the resume out to a bunch of places. I have a list constructed that's decently large, so hopefully it'll happen soon.

And the big news. I have a new place! I'll be moving in a week. But I got a nice two-bedroom way out south, around 96th or so. It's right off the freeway, so it's not too bad. Very cool apartments, though. All the amenities. Washer, dryer, fridge, fireplace, security up the wazoo, gated community, all that. I'm happy with it. The worst part is that it's on the third floor. So moving a couple of my items (if you know me, you know what I'm referring to) will be a PAIN. But once it's done, it'll be good. And yeah, I'll be by myself, a two bedroom. That gets differing reactions. I'll probably keep the second room as my computer/guitar room, set up for recording, that type of thing. Maybe even get a small bed or something similar in there, to serve as a guest room. Might come in handy. Although there's only one bathroom. Ooh! I'm excited. My OWN place, for the first time in a while (well, first time ever, really, since I don't count dorm rooms too much). It'll be very nice. Have a long day, can just come home and CHILL, without having to deal with any unwanted interruption. I like it like that. I'll have to start packing next week, though - probably the big thing I'll be doing (in addition to job hunting), after getting the school project finished.

Ah, the weekend. Not too much this weekend, I'll probably start coding more on the project, sleep in a lot, stay up too late, the standard stuff. Yay! Started today by hanging out with a friend, watching a movie (more Jet Li - Kiss of the Dragon), although I was kind of falling asleep through it. Then just staying up and talking about absolutely nothing until later than expected. I should probably get on that project before making any habit of being unproductive on a regular basis, though. Since I'll need that to actually graduate. Graduation! Yay! One week... I really can't believe that. My second degree. The end of my tenure at TU. It's been a good decade.

Okay, time for sleep. Random link? Okay. This is something I'm actually a member of. Yes, I'm a professional nerd.
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