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The weekend fades
It's technically Monday. The beginning of a very, very busy week. A LOT is happening for me this week. I'm talking life-changing stuff. Well, for one, it's finishing school. I'm in the middle of the last project, it's due on Tuesday. So I'll be cranking through it all tomorrow, maybe up late tomorrow night. Once that's finished, I'm DONE. And I get to ring the bell (again). Woo! Which leads to Saturday. A full day, with all sorts of official ceremony things. Including graduating. Yes, graduation, "walking". Which should be very satisfying.

In addition to that, I am moving. Yes, moving away from this university for the first time in eight years. This is about a third of my WHOLE LIFE. When I think of it like that, it makes me realize how different things are about to become. It's scary and exciting all at the same time. I'm really, really looking forward to my new place, though. For a variety of reasons. The main thing I'm NOT looking forward to is moving. Mainly moving two specific items. One of which is a sofa. With a bed inside of it. Yes, rather heavy. The other being a more fragile item - a certain television that's going to have to be moved. To a third floor apartment. I'm still not exactly sure how I'll be putting that up there. But for the rest of it, I'll be boxing it all up this week, and moving Friday. If you can help, that'd be awesome. I'm thinking I'll have a moving party (for the people who helped me move) after getting settled. So there's your incentive. If you think my parties SUCK, then stay away.

Anyway, my new place will be pimping, assuming I can keep it (which requires being employed within a month or so). I'm thinking I'll use the second room as an office/guest room, put the computer and guitars in there. Leave the bedroom as a restful area, it will be good. And I'll try to make the step up from "college guy" and actually keep things nice and clean, with decoration, even. Which requires some swiffer sticks, a nice vacuum cleaner, so forth. Having my own laundry room will be super cool, though. I'll probably have a super laundry day. Go through ALL my clothes, hang them up, all that.

Anyway, moving day is still a ways away. So it's cleaning, packing, applying to more jobs, finishing school work, and doing a little more part time work, if I can find the part time to do it in. And today it was mostly doing work on my project. A chunk of time cut out to go to the last mass for the school year. It was sort of sad, but kind of cool. I read (for the first time EVER) a reading, and the music was good enough that I got a couple of complements afterwards. That, and all the graduating students got a nice gift from Newman, which was cool. I still need to find a protoge to take my guitar reigns. Since I haven't found one yet, I'll still be playing in the choir for another year or so. I'll find a qualified guitarist yet!

Speaking of guitar, I was listening to old music today whilst doing my work on the project. And I heard a song that I forgot about. Fleetwood Mac - Big Love. The guitar work on the live version is absolutely incredible. I need to learn how to play it. And I must share it, because I love it so.

Okay. I should get some rest. BIG day tomorrow. And the day after. And so forth. But hey, I still have time for a random link. An older link, one that I found a lot of information to help me get the most out of my home theater experience.
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