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And I am up too late. But tomorrow's Friday! Yay! Fun stuff to be done.

So I've basically lost contact with the guy I had the contract with. I was supposed to go see him Wednesday at 4, but since I was in Muskogee at 3 and a HUGE storm hit about that time, I decided it'd be better if I didn't get out in the solid rain until later. So I tried calling him, and he didn't answer. And hasn't ever since. So I'm guessing the project is dead now. Which makes me sad. I put a lot of time and effort into it. And it was ALMOST done. Which is the worst part. I thought it was good enough to demo, but he didn't. Which means he's just going to scrap the whole thing, I guess. Ugh.

Well, instead of that, I'm using some of my secondary skills to make some money. Fixing computers. Horribly, horridly decrepit computers. Yes, old, full of mischievousness, and so forth. Well, I've fixed one computer basically completely. Another (the one I mentioned earlier) will require some more work, but it's already been substantially fixed. Mainly the grotesque level of spyware that was residing on that machine. The one I've been spending a ton of time on today is the laptop. It had the standard stuff... the nasty one is a little program called WinTools. Yeah, it's not a good thing. I tried to uninstall it, and naturally, blue screen of death. When removing the files using Ad Aware, they are reinstalled upon boot. It took a session in Safe Mode and a few things to get it cleaned out. Before, it would not be able to shut down at all. Any attempt to would give the BSOD. But now it works! Yay! I guess I can do SOME things right.

And the whole check mess - I contacted the credit union about it, they told me they'd get it taken care of, and I shouldn't have to worry about it. So far, though, it's still NOT taken care of, so if it's still an issue tomorrow, I'll be calling them back. After that, it's time to pay bills and maybe even buy my lining paper.

And tomorrow, I'm going to a concert! Whee! I haven't been to a concert in a long time. I don't even remember which band it is, but it should be fun. I'll wear my Canada shirt. It will be interesting, indeed. Concert, prefaced by more computer fixing fun. I actually am enjoying the computer fixing stuff.

Ooh, I got my diploma today in the mail. Which means I actually DID graduate! I honestly had a few doubts for a moment, thoughts that they might just send a piece of mail saying, "We didn't realize it, but you're missing THIS before you can graduate." But I actually got the diploma. Sweetness! I have a graduate degree!

Hmm. That's a pretty big blog entry right there. I think Canada chapter 3 will have to wait. Sorry. But I'll still give the random link. It's a fun one. One that Brandon gave me - it's really just a graphic.
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