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Getting tired ALREADY
I'm just getting old, I think. Or maybe my body's trying to recover from the mad kung fu I've been putting it through. First time I've had bruises this regularly since the first time I went all-out. Although the first time the bruises were quite gruesome. Nice and dark, turning yellow, covering the entire arm. They don't do that anymore, I just get occasional dark spots, sometimes no marks at all. But they are bruises. I need to do it! Justin is going crazy on conditioning. He's getting to the point he can null my arm if he hits hard enough. I've never had that before, so that means I need to catch up with him. And with the conditioning I've done - if he can null MY arm like that, I can imagine the damage it might do to somebody else.

So I'm sitting here, thinking about going to bed early, putting Dit Dar Jau on my arms and legs. I finished the crash mode of Burnout 2 today, in between my meals of pizza and Pepsi. I'm thinking I might actually start eating some healthy stuff for a change. Maybe even drink more WATER. I'm sure all the grease and caffeine isn't helping my kung fu. But it's good. Maybe if I finish off the rest of my pizza, I'll actually have had enough to last me a while, so I can get to eating HEALTHY stuff. Good thing there's a Bill and Ruth's right around the corner. Anyway, Burnout. Yes, it was hard. Since my XBox is RETARDED. Indeed, that, plus the large scratch some nice person put on the game so that the last crash level only functioned at random intervals. Ooh, it made me MAD. But I persisted, by resetting the machine each time it decided to stop working. And I DID IT. Yay! Nice thing about having some time to play games. You only need to rent them, and you can finish the whole thing. Well, I can, at least. With my overdeveloped hand-to-eye coordination, practiced over several years to hone my skills to a supernatural level.

I went and did a bit more computer work for my private repair work sessions today. It was frustrating - the computer's network connection was super slow, and I kept thinking I had missed some major spyware that was eating it up. So I went into safe mode, ran some Spybot S&D, installed a firewall, and finally realized that the computer was fine. It was Cox that was at fault - the woman had actually gotten some sort of "seasonal" deal, so the network connection is basically down for the summer. She updated it and they changed it instantly. Then all was good, and my efficiency level shot back up to normal. Her machine at her Tulsa house is now spic and span. She's been really happy with what I've done, so she gave me a couple of things she said they were just going to toss. I personally wouldn't toss these couple of things - which is why she gave them to me. Yeah. These couple of things are a Rio and an old Gateway laptop. That's right, she GAVE me a laptop. I'm okay with that. It's a Pentium 2, but hey, I'm not complaining. So I'll probably start messing with it, playing with a few different things you can do with laptops. And I'll be setting up her WiFi this Friday, so that should be extra fun. Two laptops, one Apple, one PC. We'll see how that goes.

Oh, I got Driv3r today. It got bad reviews. But reviews aren't everything. I had the first one, which was a lot of fun, and since I loaned it out and NEVER GOT IT BACK, I thought it might be worth it to get the latest version. I played it a bit, although I think I'll have to finish Burnout before getting to it, since the driving style is VERY different. I actually found it pretty funny - I did just a "drive" mode, where you can drive around a city. The cities are pretty impressive, they're full cities, you can go anywhere. In this version of the game, you can actually hit pedestrians, which you couldn't before. Something about just driving along the sidewalk and hearing a shriek followed by a "thump" every few seconds is amusing. Maybe I'm just twisted. It's decently hard, although they tried adding a first-person shooter mode into it. Which I personally think is a bad idea. But the car physics are still good. The AI is atrocious, but I just like it for the driving rush, with a slightly more realistic sensation (normal speeds) of driving in a city. And they have some crazy cars. You can actually drive a full semi. I'll be playing it bit by bit. Since I have extra time. Since I have NO JOB. Ugh. Hopefully that will change soon.

Yeah, I'm still sending out applications a'plenty. I do hope to hear back from a few of those. At least SOMETHING. Hopefully something fun. Time will tell.

Okay, bedtime. I'm going to finish my Pepsi, put another layer of Dit Dar on, read some more Halo (almost done) and sleep. Yay! Sounds good. Random link time! Somehow, some people miss this. How could you? It's the ONLY choice for music playback, really.
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