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So the weekend has come and gone. Good stuff on weekends. This weekend? All a blur, somehow. But yesterday was supposed to be interesting - we were supposed to film a commercial for kung fu. Alas, one group participating bowed out at the last minute, so sadly, no new television moments for yours truly. Not yet, anyway. Maybe in the future, we'll see.

Friday! Kung fu action. I got to see one of the older students, someone who started about the same time as me. Last name of Abagnale. Yes, if you're wondering, he's his son. So got to help him review, plus work out with a decent number of people there. It was all very good.

Then Saturday arrived - originally going to be the women's self-defense class, although it got canceled. Not enough people, sadly. So Sihing and I trained for a bit, instead. He's starting to turn into iron, I think. I'm going to have to catch up with him. So that went on for a bit - but that night, that was the fun stuff! A concert I got invited to by a friend, four bands playing, at the Venue. Main gig was the Effects, although the one I was interested in seeing was Stephen Speaks. Apparently now it's just Ryan Rockwell. The guy's amazing. Made me realize I could be doing that, though. Just one guy, a guitar, and a microphone. I should consider starting that, as a form of income. FUN income. Yay!

And Sunday. Father's Day! I spent it with my dad. Go figure. Which mean Japanese food, buying a new toy with him (combo VCR/DVD player, Panasonic, quite good), and checking out the new library. Which apparently I'm within walking distance of. I didn't even KNOW it existed. How sad is that? I need to read more, I think. Maybe that's a sign. Yes, the new location for Hardesty. A quite impressive library, actually. I'll have to visit it sometime.

And church went pretty well. Three guitarists and the piano. Somehow we were all in tune. It's satisfying when that happens. Yes, and sometimes I get a little accusatory when I am grumpy, so the comments I made about fingers pointing and relative talent levels was probably not completely appropriate. I think I need to work on that.

This week so far has been pretty good. A lot of kung fu, still sending applications for jobs, hoping I can meet all my bills this month. We'll see. And speaking of jobs - my last one, the whole situation with that bit of chaos... I found out more today from my old supervisor's sister. She called just to make sure I knew, and I found out that the "substance" involved was actually medically prescribed, which made me feel a little more relieved, but it makes it a bit more of a tragedy. I'm still a little detached from full acceptance of the whole thing. Things like that don't happen often. Which is probably good.

Okay, it's late. Late enough that I lost a bet. That I would go to sleep earlier or not. And yes, I was the FOOL betting on me going to sleep earlier. Somehow it didn't work out, as you can see. Because I was playing Burnout 2! It's so good. Crazy car racing, insane crash madness. Quite fun. Something about racing other cars in full traffic, dodging cars in the wrong lane of traffic - the adrenaline rush is substantial. And the physics engine for wrecks is quite nice. Plus the crash mode, where you get one moment to try to make as chaotic a wreck as possible. I think it's a guy thing, but I really like it. Something engineering-related about it. It is slightly oxymoronic, though, trying to deduce the most economical way of causing as much chaos as possible. Whatever it is, dang, is it fun. Yay! All in anticipation of the third game in the series. Coming soon!

Okay, enough advertisement similarities. It is now time for me to bed. To sleep, perchance to dream. So I'll give you a random link. I've probably put it up before, but I was helping someone try to find a decently priced computer - if you care about saving money, here's what you're looking for.
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