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I like to blog early in the morning
But today I'm blogging late at NIGHT. Yes, it means that I actually am blogging twice in ONE DAY. How crazy is that? Pretty crazy, let me tell you. I'M pretty crazy, sometimes. Yes. Especially for continuing a paragraph about craziness for so long. Oh, I could keep going. Indeed I could. And I am! But that's enough. No, wait... THIS is enough. There.

So today was interesting. I went to the hospital around 10:30 or so this morning, dropping off my sister and her friend with my mom so they could go to camp. I missed seeing my dad by fifteen minutes, which was sucky. But I took a book (the latest Halo book, I'm borrowing), and it kept me occupied for a while. It's a good book! Same author as the first book, which is a very good thing. The first and third books are quite good I've decided. The second book is just a written version of the game - it's much better to just play the game instead, I think. ANYway. So I read the book, while waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Until 2:30. I did get through half the book, even with major distractions. I found out about my dad around noon - apparently they took a look, and there's nothing really wrong with the angioplasty they did before. He was just showing symptoms that made them think there might have been something wrong. So that's kind of good news. We still have to see what's causing the symptoms, so that's moderately worrisome. We'll see, though.

And then it was doing a bunch of nothing (which I have vastly enjoyed doing lately, let me tell you), and then kung fu! Still doing the conditioning thing. What does the conditioning thing do? This...

Yeah, I've got more. A nice one on my shin, too. Although it takes bashing a metal pole to do it now. Either that, or Sihing (I've decided that's the right way to spell that) Justin. Occasionally another student will get a nice lucky shot on me and leave a small bruise. Generally when that happens, though, they have a matching one. Only four times as large. Hee hee! I WILL get a horse stance that I can hold for over five minutes, eventually. A proper horse stance, that is. Not like those pansy karate horse stances. What's a proper horse stance? Spread your feet apart double shoulder width. Now get in a seated position, with your knees spread so that each knee is over the corresponding foot, vertically. Make sure your thighs are parallel with the ground - the best way to check is to take a broomstick (or another roundish stick) and put it in the middle of your thighs. If it rolls off your knees, you need to be lower. If it rolls into you, you need to be higher. And one other thing. Get that butt tucked in, not sticking way out like you have it (if you're trying to do it), so you have your back straight. THAT is a proper horse stance. Try holding it for a minute. Then you can tell me that kung fu isn't hard.

So yeah, you do that for a while, your thighs get rather muscular. And it does a lot of other things for you. Keeps me in decent shape. Also keeps me in pain, if I practice properly. I love it!

Okay, long enough blog for today, I think. I shall now give a random link. VERY random. Have fun with this one.
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