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I'm getting old
I must be getting old, because I'm already TIRED. What is going ON. I think I might have to eat some cereal, finish reading Ender's Game, and enter the lovely realm of unconciousness. That's right, I'm about to finish the book. I've been reading it all of approximately two days. It's that good of a book - I've been having trouble putting it down. Very good stuff.

Man, I got up this morning and got prettied up, then made it to City Hall for the interview. It went well! Yay! But that means I have another interview. I think this one was just the outside filter. To make sure I actually did go to school (hence the request for a transcript), and did the work I said I did. Worked out pretty well. Hopefully the next one will go as well.

Then I came back, finished some business with bills and mail and such, and then went back and read some more of the book. Put me in an interesting mood, in time for kung fu. And today the traffic apparently was dumber than average. Driving slowly in the passing lane, not getting on off ramps in an educated manner, and turning left at the light into the WRONG LANE. Ugh. So I got to kung fu ready for punishment. Both receiving and dishing out. Unfortunately for my realm of pain, everybody was in a good mood. Except for the new student. A 12-year old girl who honestly looked at least 16. It was pretty scary to think she was that young - I didn't know until I found out later. I really do think girls nowadays are getting physically older FASTER. I don't like it. Grr. Anyway, apparently she didn't really want to be there. I taught her the basic stances, but it's hard to teach when the student resists. So I talked to her about it, she lightened up a little, but was still iffy about all of it. Who knows if she'll be back. I found out after class from Sifu that she had actually been the one to sign up (even though she told me her mom signed her up), and had been excited about it at first. How odd...

So that's been the day. And now I'm sleepy. I've been thinking a lot lately (go ahead, make the sarcastic comment I know you're thinking). What is love, really? I was thinking about past experiences, you know - the whole concept of being "in love". English is so poor at giving thorough choices for the variety of levels "love" can truly be at. There's the whole "love" for the people who say it simply because they want to hear it back, but the true depth of the feeling isn't there. There's the next step, where there IS some feeling, but it's sometimes said purely as a response. Then there's the point where it's an expression of the importance of a person in your life. Really, that isn't the epitome of love, in my opinion. It's selfish love. Where you care for the person, as long as what they do with their life fits with what you want with YOUR life, on some level. I think true love is unconditional. The ultimate level is one where love continues through ANY sort of changes. On the same level most people have love for their immediate family.

ANYway... not sure why that's been on my mind. I think it may have actually come partially from the homily on Sunday. Love is good, though. Spread the love! I think that's a good thing to do. Try doing something randomly nice for someone else - with a catch. Do something that you won't get direct credit for. A "secret" kind act. It's rather cool to do. I highly recommend trying it at least once.

Okay, time for bed. I need to get enough rest to be ready for the midnight showing of Spider-Man 2, baby! Mmm, good. So it's random link for you. Have to pick something pretty random. So here! A news article about the wave of the future of broadband. Maybe good to keep with the times.
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