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Morning. What? I'm blogging in the morning? WHAT? I already slept? Yes, the world is changing, apparently. I had a freaky dream. It rather unsettled me. See, in my dream, I was with a friend (can't remember who, specifically), and it was starting to storm. So we looked out back of the building we were in, and noticed how much it was raining. We were by the sea, so it was a dockside thing. And then we realized, with a little worry, it looked like it was going to flood. Yeah, raining like CRAZY. So we go out to move the car. And it's pouring, I can't see well, I'm trying to lock/unlock my door to see if I can spot it, and for some reason a lot of other cars' lights come on INSTEAD of mine. One at a time, here and there, so it seems like it should be mine, but it isn't. So it's still pouring, we're running by the cars, and then I look up along the coast, and what do I see? GODZILLA. Yes, really. So we start worrying a little bit more, rush to try to find the car. Still can't find it, look up, realize he's getting quite a bit closer and we won't have time, so we decide to run for it, back through the building, maybe past it. And we're about to enter the back entrance, when I look back at this little storage shack out back, not even large enough for a car, and I see the door's open, and two of my friends are inside. Two friends I know from school who are gone for the summer. So we go inside, and I'm talking to them, and then rocks start coming in through the window. Like hail, except they're HOT ROCKS. So a couple trickle through, and I close the door, and then it starts hitting the building like it's being fired from a gun. Then I wake up. It was rather unsettling. I might have actually been shaking a little. You don't mess with that Godzilla, man.

Yeah, so yesterday was cool. Had lunch with a friend, then went to another friend's house for a while. Talked with each of them (about very different things), and it was cool. Then it was time for kung fu! I felt a little more serious about it, for some reason, like I was ready to get down to business. So it was all about conditioning, working hard, and then sparring. Sparring with Justin, since only one other person was ready to spar. We went at it pretty hard. I punched him in the face, he swept me, landed a nice thrusting heel that knocked the wind out of me, and the kicker which was a nice punch to the EYE that knocked out my contact. Not all at once, but here and there. I hit him a few more times, but I think his were a little bit more memorable, for some odd reason. I wanted to keep going after putting in my contact, but it was time for him to go. Another day, another day...

So then it was time to go home, change, eat, and get ready for a movie. What movie? Spider-Man 2, baby! First midnight showing. A friend showed up early and saved excellent seats, and it was very good. Not everybody liked it, but I like Spidey, and the movie was cool. It had it's emotional moments, but the heroic moments were sweet. I can't give anything away, though, so you'll have to decide for yourself.

And I come back and sleep around 3:30 or so, then wake up now. And I actually feel okay. How odd. Maybe it'll kick in later. Maybe I'll need a nap. Mmm, nap. But it's the morning, so I must get on with my day. Busy day, today. I'll still leave a random link, though. It's some news that is VITALLY IMPORTANT. Things like this are what people need to know.
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