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Must... sleep... blog calls first...
I'm TIRED. It's been a long day. Sort of an extension of yesterday, which was weird. I sent another application in, talked to the guy at the consulting firm (my contact) to find out more about the guy I was doing the job for and what happened to him. Apparently it had to do with substances. I'll leave it at that. That's still unsettling to think about.

Did all the job stuff, then got going with my day. Which ended up not really starting until four. I'm like that. Sometimes. I didn't move the file cabinet, because I couldn't get the truck. I still need to get my certificate from campus, too. Maybe I'll just have them mail it. Who knows. Hopefully I will, sometime soon.

I decided, on a whim, to go to kung fu today. For the last forty minutes or so. Forty minutes of PAIN. I arrived just in time for more conditioning. Which means pushing through different stations, punishing yourself in different ways at each one. One is push-ups, one is kicking the bag, one is horse stance work, so forth. So there was that, for a while. Then it was sparring time! Justin and I started, went lightly (after being exhausted from conditioning). We finished up rather hard, though. I had a few tender spots on my cheekbones where he smacked me nicely, and a very good one on my lower ribs. Knocked the wind out of me nicely. Ooh, it was rough. But still good.

From there, choir practice, with a whopping FOUR people there. Including two instrumentalists, one of which was me, the other of which does not sing. So three vocalists, two instruments. It went okay. It made me a little frustrated, mainly because of rhythm issues. I just felt underappreciated, since I've been in the choir for EIGHT YEARS, and the choir director griped at me about keeping proper time. When the piano keeps - erm, I'll just say slightly worse time. And rhythm. Somehow when others are gone and I'm in charge, the music turns out very well. But I guess I'm not good enough when others are there. Grr.

Bleah, so it's just been kind of a stressful day, yeah. I did get to talk to Sandra. She went out of town for a couple of days, and we weren't GOING to talk to each other, but I think after we each had a rough day today, it got to a sort of "screw it" point, and we went ahead and caved. So she had a rough day, too, and it was nice to have someone who understood.

Oh, I did find out more about my dad. Apparently the readings that the doctors were concerned about were most likely a fluke. Since the angiogram overrides all other tests, since it came up looking good, it looks like my dad's okay. Which is very good. I am thankful.

Ugh, I am tired from being stressed out, as I mentioned. Why do you think I'm blogging so ridiculously early? Yes, I think I shall read more Halo and then fall asleep. It's a good feeling, to get all ready for bed, and you're nice and cozy, reading. Then you decide you're more tired than able to read coherently, and you can just put the book down, shut off the light, and fall asleep rather quickly. Mmm, good. I'm drinking a Pepsi, which should help me fall asleep, too. Yes, for some reason, Pepsi comforts me more than makes me wired. Ah, the sweet nectar. And so I shall write a haiku about it, in a moment of spontaneous creation:
  Ah, my Pepsi can
  Sitting by me to console
  Now I am at peace

So I am now peaceful. And I shall leave you, dear reader, with a link of a less than organized fashion, also known as a random link. Yes, most likely a page constructed using the language known as HyperText Markup. And here it is.
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